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30 January 2011

Berlusconi and Hitler premieres tonight. Former U.S. President George Bush will play the role of Hitler.

ROME, Italy -- Earlier in the year, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi launched 4 reality TV programs; A Day In the Life of Silvio Berlusconi follows the prime minister's every move, Silvio Berlusconi:Man vs Civilisation a highly controversial series in which the prime minister attempts to survive in households while avoiding the natives, and "Kids love Silvio Berlusconi", a series intended at teaching young childrentraits that they can call on later in their life. The shows, slammed by critics, have received the lowest rating of television history. Famed Italian critic Pizzeria Pastaguy, known for his high ratings, has also broken the record by giving each series a 4.9/5.

Silvio Berlusconi acted quickly following the release of the ratings. Delivering a live speech today, the Italian prime minister made it clear he was outraged and heartbroken at the fact his shows received such criticism. The Italian Film and Television Committee released the summary of the broadcast, which found that the speech was watched by only 2% of Italy’s population, and received a lower rating then the previously mentioned TV programs. An inquiry into why only 2% of the population actually viewed the speech found that the Prime Minister opened with "I urge you, Italia--turn off your TV sets."

Italy's critics where not impressed by the speech, giving it a 1.2/5. The broadcasting station RAI officially axed the speech, with broadcasting Chairman Anthony Mario citing the "lowest audience and ratings we've ever seen for a pilot episode.” The board of entertainment in Italy is currently in discussion as to whether or not they allow Silvio Berlusconi to remain prime minister, as it may be harmful to the esteemed broadcaster's reputation of high quality shows.

The pilot episode was noticed by Disney, who have expressed interest in the series. "We are considering buying the rights to Silvio Berlusconi. While we have no interest in the other programs (A Day in the Life of Silvio Berlusconi, Silvio Berlusconi:Man vs. Civilisation and All Teenage Girls Love Silvio Berlusconi), we can definitely see the potential in the unnamed franchise. We believe that we can double Silvio Berlusconi as a singer. We are currently in discussion with our parent company as to whether or not someone who isn't 16 can be auto-tuned to meet our standards."

Silvio Berlusconi's future as prime minister of Italy will depend on capturing the eyes of audiences in a prime-time premiere of his feature length movie, Berlusconi and Hitler, which will release direct-to-DVD late this year.