UnNews:Barter deal: Mubarak takes Afghanistan, Karzai takes Egypt

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Barter deal: Mubarak takes Afghanistan, Karzai takes Egypt UnNews Logo Potato.png

1 February 2011

The Taliban could cite the deal as a precedent for a bigger barter deal with Obama.

CAIRO, Egypt -- A historic barter deal has raised hopes of improving the political stability of the Middle East. The deal was struck between Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan, and Hosni Mubarak, Pharaoh of Egypt, who met in a pyramid at Gizeh.

Mubarak, who faces an imminent risk of being exchanged by his subjects, saw one way to be the one who decides whom or what to exchange. So he called Karzai, the President of NATO's most valuable colony. Karzai is known for his dream of a country with long sunny beaches at the seaside. Everyone has already seen him on TV with his bath towel over his shoulders.

Thus, with no long negotiations, Hosni Mubarak becomes President at the Hindu Kush, and Karzai will govern the land of the Suez from his favourite beach at Sharm-el-Sheikh. If Cairo and Alexandria face bloody revolution, Karzai will recline on his nice striped bath towel and smoke his hubble-bubble in peace. He knows his warlords, among them his vice president, will succeed. And Mubarak will build a new Afghan Secret Service, recruited from the Taliban, thus making Afghanistan the safest place in the world.