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Attempt to create humorous UnNews item falls flat UnNews Logo Potato.png

8 December 2007

Uncyclopedia user Chris Harper attempted today to write a witty and satirical article for UnNews, only to find his attempts at humour, satire and parody all fell disastrously flat.

Harper, 24, of Los Angeles, attempted to satirise a recent piece of current affairs by applying the same situation to a variety of fictional characters and pop-culture icons. Harper said his ultimate goal was to "poke fun" at modern society in "a topical and humourous fashion". However, Harper failed to take into account his use of cliché, anachronism, obscure references and total lack of writing skill when he first uploaded his article onto Uncyclopedia.

I thought making a joke about Britney Spears being a bad parent would be a real winner, said Harper, who claimed to be 'mystified' about his article's lack of success. And that bit about Michael Jackson being a child molester - pure gold!

The article was preceded by a large number of quotes from common Uncyclopedia sources, including Oscar Wilde, Captain Obvious, Captain Oblivious and Your Mom. I mean, I thought it would be appropriate, said Harper. Every other article has those quotes in it - so why can't mine?. Harper's article also made regular references to kitten huffing and also depicted Wikipedia founded Jimbo Wales in a less-than-flattering light. This isn't right, Harper complained. Why is it that when I do it, nobody thinks it's funny?

It looked like this

To illustrate his article, Harper also uploaded a number of pictures of a "wacky" nature which he had spent literally minutes editing with MS Paint. However, the pictures were quickly tagged for deletion by sysops, and his UnNews article followed shortly afterwards.

Harper said he raised the issue of why his article was to be deleted on the talk page and was told that it "wasn't funny". Harper claimed to be confused about why his article was deleted. I mean...I didn't even think they deleted UnNews articles! Harper said. What am I supposed to do?

Harper says there is a culture of censorship on Uncyclopedia and that sysops and moderators are 'snobbish' about what they consider funny. You look at some of the other articles that have been written, Harper said. I mean, who's this Cprhodesact guy? He's written a bunch of articles and none of them were funny! Except maybe that one about the Borg. Harper said he would appeal the decision but that it would make little difference. Uncylopedia is crap, Harper declared. I'm going over to Conservapedia. It's much funnier.

Harper said he may continue to use UnNews in the future. I've got a great idea for an article, he said. It's basically a self-referential piece about writing a bad UnNews article. I think people will really respond to it.

A spokesman for Uncyclopedia said he expected Harper's newest article would be deleted.