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Anti-protest protestors pressure protestors to surrender UnNews Logo Potato.png

18 April 2010

Red Protestors in Thailand protest against anti-protest protestors

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Leaders of Thailand's anti-protest protesters said Saturday that they would turn up the pressure on protesters to end their protest before May 15.

Lawyers for the anti-protest-protesters received letters from the Thai protesters saying that 24 members of the protest group, including protest leader Weng Tojirakarn would turn themselves in, they said.

Those turning themselves in have been named on arrest warrants and were wanted by anti-protest protesters for protesting.

Three of the people surrendering to anti-protesters embarrassed the Thai anti-protest protesters earlier this week during a botched raid. The three Thai protesters were able to elude anti-protester security forces, which had them surrounded in a Bangkok hotel.

The three men were lowered from a third-floor window on a rope and fled in a waiting truck as a large group of protesters cheered.

The escape was captured by television cameras and prompted Thailand's prime anti-protest minister to hand over security operations to the Special Forces of the anti-protest armed forces.

"The important problem now is the protesting," Prime anti-protester Abhisit Vejjajiva said, referring to what authorities say is a third protest group mixing among the second protest group. He spoke in a televised broadcast after three days of silence amid the tumult in his country.

At least 23 people were killed in deadly anti-protester/protester clashes last weekend, the Bangkok Emergency Medical Service said. More than 850 others were wounded in the clashes, the service said.

The protesters, known as reds for their communist look, have been demanding for weeks that the anti-protest protesters stop their anti-protest protesting and allow them to call for new protests.

In addition, the group wants the prime anti-protest protester to leave the country for leading his anti-protest protesters in protesting against the protesters.