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The novel Pedia V. Grue is also available in paperback.

I presume you have read the articles Pedia and Grue. If you haven't, do it now before I kick your butt.

Oh! You're back already? Well...[edit]

Wow. I can't believe you're already ack to continue reading this dumb article. Well, anyway, I am a Pedia. I am one hundred years of age, to be exact, the oldest Pedia standing on this planet. You wanna make something of it? What are you, writin' a book?

Chapter 1: That Dumb Grue[edit]

Well, I was walking in the woods one day, it was New Year, to be exact. I was gonna go see the ball drop, but then I remembered they banned me after last year, when I ate the ball. It took them forever to build it back up. Anyway, I continued walking, until I heard a scritch-scratching noise. I looked behind the tree stump, and I saw a mouse. The mouse looked back at me, and then in a deep voice said, “This ain't no mouse, buddy.” I got scared. He turned into a Grue. It was the most nightmarish Grue I ever saw. It's skin was pitch black. It had huge teeth, like fangs. I was just a dumb Pedia.

Chapter 2: The Staging Area[edit]

“You are going to die, Grue,” I muttered under my own breath. The Grue knew it was the end of me. “I am going to kill you. I will not bring in any other Pedias.” I said. But the Grue seemed to ignore this message. He is pure evil. He howled through his horn, and called in dozens of dozens of army-a-Grues. So it was just wan dumb Pedia against thousands of Grues.

Chapter 3: The Fight[edit]

The Grues gnashed their terrible teeth. I nothinged my terrible nothing. I realized this was the part where we fought. Where God would put his faith in the army of a million+ Grues (probably), or just plain ol' dumb me. The Grues charged at me like a pack of angry wolves, but much, much, more frightening. Only those who have seen one will understand the full power of a Grue. I pulled out my secret sword, and attempted to take out one of the Grues. He broke my sword in half and scowled at me. It was so embarrassing. I was thinking something up quick, when I heard sounds.

Chapter 4: The Pedias[edit]

“10!...9!...8!...7!...” They echoed throughout the distance. Soon it would be 1913. A year full of possibilities. I hope one of my possibilities is to take down a Grue. “...6!...5!...” I chanted along in my head, just hoping none of the Grues would find out. “...4!...3!...2!...1!...0!!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!” Even from there I could hear the dim light of the “1913” light up. Tons of my Pedia friends rushed into the woods. “A battle with a Grue! Grue rhymes with you! You're gonna need some help!” one said. "I can't," I said. But they happened to come assist me anyway. They all had their swords. 9000000 Pedias. About enough to defeat one Grue. Oh! Dear God! Please help me!

Chapter 5: The Grues' Great Defeat[edit]

The Grues charged forward us. It was like they were so fast, within a split second, we all died. We felt so wrong inside.

Chapter 6: Not The End[edit]

aka The Pedias' Wonderful Magic[edit]

In our sleep that night, our soul has united. We could not explain what had happened, but we felt we have passed to another world of the Force. This let generations and generations of future Pedias know the fact: Pedias have a magical power that no one else could ever have.

And now you know my story of the Pedias, and how we truly defeated the Grues by the heart.