The Circle of Life

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The Circle of Life evolved from The Line of Life after being bent by dinosaurs

The Circle of Life is a visual geometrical representation of how things in nature are independent and interconnected and generally eat one another. Geometry was best suited for describing nature as all things in nature can be broken down into geometrical shapes, such as squiggly lines and horse shapes. The ‘Food Chain’, originally a competitor of the Circle of Life on the cutting-edge front of geometrical visual representations, has recently been bought and amalgamated into the circle structure using sweet words of persuasion and a selection of hammers.

Why the circle?[edit]

It is thought that The Circle of Life evolved in parallel with life evolving on the earth. Originally starting as ‘The Straight Line of Life’ it was bent under the weight of the dinosaurs to form ‘The Arc of Life’. From there the circle was the only logical progression much to the consternation of square supporters who still hold protests to this day outside Swiss Embassies. The Swiss claim to have no influence over the shape of the Circle of Life but no one trusts them as they’re generally considered to be quite shifty. The debate remains heated even despite The Circle of Life issuing multiple press releases that state that although a change is likely a move to ‘The Square of Life’ is highly improbable; mostly due to its sharp knee scrapping corners and tendency to stay in on Saturday nights. An octagon is looking likely with the major drawback being the similarity of its shape to a stop sign which focus groups think would increase the chances of drunk people trying to steal it on the way home from the pub.

How does it all fit?[edit]

The Circle of Life involves all of natures creatures

The Circle of Life is considered by scientists to be very closely intertwined with nature as it depicts natural cycles. Tabloids have had a field day with this close relationship, suggesting that The Circle of Life knows so many of the details of Mother Nature that an improper relationship between the two may have occurred. Father Time has denied all allegations about his wife Mother Nature and The Circle of Life although it is well known that The Circle of Life (a circle being a two dimensional object and having nothing to do with Time – the 4th dimension) and Father Time do not get on well at all.

Modern Usage[edit]

The Circle of Life has gained celebrity status with the rise of technology and science within our society and has often been accused of living to excess. When this happens and The Circle of Life goes wrong it can often result in extinction or over population of specific species. All mankind can do is shake his collective heads while buying more Big Macs and wonder why The Circle of Life can be so cruel.

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