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“Guys, isn't it a little weird that every one of our names is exactly 4 letters long?”

~ Chaz

“Ok, so Wren gets a high powered plasma assult rifle, Demi gets a rocket launcher, and I get a mythril dagger and a leather sheild?”

~ Hahn on Feeling ripped-off

Phantasy Star IV
Developer(s) Tony Snow
Publisher(s) SEGA
Designer(s) Your Mom
Latest version 6.9
Release date(s) 1975
Genre RPG
Mode(s) Play and Off
Rating(s) ESRB: K-A Kids - Adults, does that make any sense?
Platform(s) SEGA Genesis
System requirements Power, Television, 3rd grade reading ability.
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Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium Edition is a Turn Based RPG that was released for the SEGA Genesis in 1995. It is widely regarded as the greatest RPG realeased for the SEGA genesis, which can be equivicated to being the best long jumper at the Special Olympics.



Phantasy Star IV has 2 major lacations, the first half of the game appears to take place in post-apocalyptic New Mexico, the second half takes place in the northern tundra of Canaduh. Like all Phantasy Star Games to date, the story takes place in a time where fully-automated androids roam the cities as civilians, Children are given high powered plasma fire-arms for their 13th birthday, but people still use steel swords and wear chain mail. And the game features a lot of monsters, in one conversation it is normally expected for the word monster to show up around 13 times.

The New Millennium[edit]

Phantasy Star IV features a long and thick plot that begins in a town called Piata, where our young hero named Chaz and his bounty hunting partner Alys are given an assignment to exterminate all of the rubber johnny baby looking creatures that appeared in the basement of a school. Eventually they find out that this evil sorcerer named Zio is working for the Satan-esque God called Dark Force and they must stop Zio before he destroys the planet. They go to his castle and ZOMG....


Alys gets hit with the Black Wave spell and she dies a little later on! ZOMG spoiler alert!

And then[edit]

They meet some more characters, they go to this Snow covered planet called Dezolis and fight Dark Force over and over again while dealing with some useless sub-plots. Eventually he ripps a hole in the middle of the planet and the characters go into what is presumably a parellel of the biblical Hell, they find Dark Force, it turns out Dark Force in its true form is a hot naked chick statue, they kill it with some legendary sword, and then this happens:

The Ending[edit]

Here you can see the amazingly articulate and elaborate dialog that graces the entire game from start to finish. PhantasyStar4ending.gif

Main Characters[edit]


Chaz is the main character of the story. He is 16 years old and has an inability to take Rune's jokes directed at him with a pinch of salt. He worries too much.

Weapon: Sword


Alys is the 'mentor' of Chaz. She is forward-thinking and doesn't hold back. Sadly, she dies about 1/3 of the way through the game after being hit by the "Black Wave" from Dark Force.

Weapon: Boomerang!


Hahn is a young academic scholar at the school in Piata. Character-wise, he is an insecure, bumbling girly-man. Battle-wise, he's not particularly useful until much later in the game.

Weapon: Daggers


Rune Walsh is a middle aged mega-wizard who towards the end of the game is revealed to be the Phantasy Star universe equivalent of God, called Lutz. He is cocky and arrogant, and makes fun of midgets through-out the entire game.

Weapon: Magic, rod


Demi is the 4'11" female android. She is kinda dumpy, but totally do-able. She has green hair, which clearly indicates she listens to alternative punk.

Weapon: Some giant guns that are bigger than her.

Strength: Plasma bullets

Weakness: Cell phones

Favorite food: 'Double A' Batteries

Favorite Band: Green Day

Portrayed by: Roseanne Barr


Gryz is a 19 year old blue-thing that is a native sentient being of the desert planet. The specie of 'thing' he is is the Phantasy Star equivalent of Black People.

Weapon: Axe

Strength: Strength

Weakness: Agility


Rika is a Numan (genetically engineered and artificial life-form created by a computer). She is strong and wise beyond her single year of existence and is a "genetic update" of a prototype created before the "Great Collapse". This prototype is most likely Nei from Phantasy Star II.

Weapon: Claws


Wren is a 998 year-old android created to maintain the weather and climate control systems of the Algo solar system. A predecessor of his appears in Phantasy Star III.

Weapon: Gun


Raja is some goofy alien looking E.T. monkey old guy thing. He is a native creature being of the snow planet Dezolis, who are the 'real world' equivalent to eskimos. Much like the person who wrote this article, he thinks he is funny and clever, but really isn't.

Weapon: Staff/Magic

Strength: Barbed-Wit

Weakness: Heavy-Lifting

Favorite food: Owl-schkabobs

Favorite band: Little Richard

Portrayed by: Gandhi


Kyra is the boomerang using chick that replaces Alys. She is a member of a religious group of people who worship 'The Lutz', making them the real-world equivalent of Fundamentalist Christians.

Weapon: Jesus Christ

Strength: God

Weakness: Common Sense

Favorite food: Crackers and Wine

Favorite band: Creed

Portrayed by: Jojo


  • When you reach level 99, a glitch occurs that no one cares about.
  • There has been over 50 counted refferences to the Christian Bible within the dialog and plot.
  • There is a strip club behind the bar in Aiedo.......seriously there is. Pixle tits are hot!!
  • Music score by Eiffel 65.
  • Studies show that Phantasy Star fans tend to like raves, manga and listen to ATB.

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