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“George W. Bush doesn't care about pirates”

~ Kanye West on New Orleans Square

“Avast Ye!”

~ George W. Bush on Pirates

New Orleans Square, home of 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea and former home of The Little Mermaid, is located in the center of the Gulf of Mexico. Its ownership is disputed between Atlantis and the Disneyland Confederation. Its strategic location under the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain has made the Square the source of many controversies.


The Nuolora tribe settled in southern St. Louisiana in the mid-eighteenth century, after being displaced from their ancestral Acadian homeland in Nova Scotia by English settlers. They joined the Disneyland Confederation in 1755, becoming the sixth nation of the alliance. The New Orleaners had elaborate Spanish burial customs, interring their dead in above-ground crypts.

In 2005, when control of the Gulf of Mexico transferred to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, New Orleans Square, along with the other Disneyland nations, were dispossessed of their lands. Most of the New Orleans land was replaced by water and pirates sailed through the streets of the former city, looting at will.

By the end of the year, pressure had built on the U.S. government to redress the grievances of the New Orleans Square people. President Al Gore and Acadian leaders signed the Treaty of Corporation, which formalized U.S. recognition of the territory’s sovereignty. Control of New Orleans Square returned to Atlantis, with Navy ships doing battle with the pirates in the streets until there was nothing left of the former city.

Present Day Status[edit]

New Orleans Square is currently owned by the government of Atlantis. Its status has been a sore point between Disneyland’s Great Council and the Atlantis government. For now, the city remains abandoned and no resolution for its final fate has been reached. Its reputation for being haunted by pirates continues, and many swear that they can hear noises and gunfire emanating from the wreckage late at night.


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