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Beautiful New Venice is renowned for its water.

New Venice is a city located in the south of Louisiana. It was founded by some girl named Katrina on August 29th 2005. This city is quite beautiful, most of its buildings are built in water and the population moves around with boats and enjoy robbing stores and shooting at military helicopters.

New Venice was formerly part of New Orleans. But Katrina found it more suitable to divide the city in two; New Venice and No Orleans.

The city consists of several neighboorhods bisected by the Canal Street Canal, named for a street in which a planned canal which was to connect the Mississippi River to Lake Pontchartrain. The neutral ground of Canal Street remained dry for over a century, a monument to abandoned Louisiana public works projects. FEMA completed the canal in 2005, proving the agency more effective than the Army Corps of Engineers.

A great view of the romantic waterways that flow through New Venice

Tourist Information[edit]

  • Stay away from the Superdome stadium, it smells bad.
  • Be sure to rent a canal boat to take the scenic paddle ride along the Canal Street Canal.
  • Don´t drink the water, it might contain microscopic sharks that will eventually eat you from the inside and pop out of your stomach!
  • Enjoy local watersports; the helicopter trap, alligator wrestling and the recently popular spectator sport break in and run.
  • Be sure to take in some of the fine music, ranging from jazz to Handel's Water Music.
  • Go out for a ride on the loveboat through the streets of New Venice, the buildings are very beautiful.
  • Don't forget to sample some of the fine seafood on offer in a city mostly underwater.
  • Stay away from looters!
  • New Venice was originally a popular vacation spot for news reporters, politicians and Sean Penn.
  • Home of the Ray Nagin Chocolate Factory.
  • Watch out for Gene Splicers and Big Daddys, this city is underwater after all.

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