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the graphic violence in video games is easily repeated in reality

Life is tough, you may have just gone on a murderous rampage or perhaps your loved ones have rejected you due to your irrational behavior - you can't get a job and you know that seeking professional help is a waste of time.

So what can you do? do you seek aid in the form of religion or self-help? or do you simply project your problems onto the nearest available medium?

That's right - we all know the proper answer don't we?

Blame Video Games!

Why if it wasn't for video games you would never of dreamt of going on that drunken rampage, it is a known fact violence never occured before video games - indeed it is corrupting our very souls.. so how do we blame video games for all our problems?

Well, it's quite simple:

Step 1 - Look Within[edit]

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Before you go blaming video games it is important to look deep within yourself in order to find those uncomfortable truths - don't worry, this is not an admission of guilt (we'll come to that later), it is simply providing yourself with a suitably large collection of social ills by which to feed your future hate of your true oppressor: the video game.

Did you steal money from that kindly old lady at the store and beat her with a walking stick? sure you did - but it wasn't your fault.. no it was clearly the fault of those nasty video game companies for installing such disregard for life into your innocent mind.

Did you just lose your family and friends because you spent days on end masturbating to virtual women on online video games? of course you did! but it's not your fault - it was clearly the fault of the video game for seducing you with such realistic graphics.

Step 2 - Deny All Responsibility[edit]

Now that you have looked within it is time for you to begin the next step, one which is pivotal to success: deny all responsibility - to do otherwise is to have the terrorists win and that, my friend, is unacceptable.

No, you must see yourself as the victim - you did not know any better, indeed you were a sweet and innocent individual who was powerless against the corruptive decay that is video games.

You begged the video game to stop but it simply continued, giving you new levels and weapons like a pimp gives his whores crack - you wept bitter tears as you played endlessly, thinking that perhaps by spending time with the video game it would respect you as an equal: instead it beat you like a bitch and left you a shadow of your former self.

Yes, it is truly a tragedy but fear not for now that you have learned to deny all responsibility you are ready to start blaming the video game for all your problems - and why not? it is, after all, the video game's fault.

Step 3 - Form A Protest Group[edit]

What better way to celebrate your lack of personal responsibility than by surrounding yourself with other like-minded people?

Indeed forming a protest group is an important step in blaming video games for your problems, you and your equally victimized friends can spend hours upon hours of your productive days lamenting over the many tragedies brought down upon you by the evil video game and formulate clever and courageous ways to combat the video game threat.

You could even style yourselves after a beloved children's superhero group such as the Super Friends or align yourselves with a major faith - after all what better way to eradicate violence and injustice than by mimicking costumed vigilantes or blind religious dogma?

Step 4 - Find A Suitably Violent Video Game[edit]

the secret sex game in Mario Sunshine

Now that you have found comfort in a protest group and perhaps engaged in a few stimulating debates, maybe even dared to write a few angry letters to some evil corporate entity the time has come to confront your nemesis face-on.

All video games are inherently wicked but sadly the world will never listen to you if you try to blame Mario Sunshine on your problems, as much as the perverted Mario games may deserve it - however if you find a suitably violent game you have a ticket to success: remember folks, you don't actually have to play a game to be corrupted by it - just hearing about it on the news or word of mouth is enough to blame it for your problems.

We all know about the GTA franchise and how it is destroying the Western world as we know it but these games are nothing compared to other less known titles, indeed we urge you to go out there and buy the latest games - test them out and write angry blogs on how you found the gameplay to be violent, corruptive and evil in every way.

Step 5 - Find A Local Tragedy To Strengthen Your Case[edit]

Now that your getting the hang of blaming video games for all your problems why not consider graduating to the next level and start blaming video games for everyone else's problems as well?

We all know that humans are sweet, adorable creatures and the only true reason we live in such a horrible world is the advent of video games - which have transformed our once utopian lands into steaming piles of crap.

Look through the local news and you will find countless tragedies ranging from the shocking to the downright mind-boggling, it falls to you to take the most prominent tragedy and show the world that the video game is to blame: search for information on the gaming habits of any and all involved in the tragedy and if no such habits exist seek them out anyway, you can never be certain.. video games can lurk in the shadows, waiting for their chance to strike.

Step 6 - Seek Aid From The Highest Authorities[edit]

Once you have completed all these steps you have succeeded in your goals and can blame video games for all your problems, normally that would be the end of it - yet as avid campaigners against the video game threat ourselves we simply could not end this HowTo without adding in a final step, which is optional but absolutely essential if you are to ensure the safety of our children.

Seek aid from the highest authorities.. that's right.. when all else fails you must seek aid from those who know all too well the evils of video games: Jack Thompson, MAV (Mothers Against Videogames) and many others are waiting for you to seek them out.. do not hesitate.. go forth and remember - when in doubt:

Blame Video Games