HowTo:Write an article worthy of the prestigous title of "QVFD"

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Are you tired of writing lousy material? Isn't it starting to get annoying how all your articles are just thrown in the bin called the "front page"? Well, how about stepping it up a notch! It's time to make an article worthy of the coveted title of "QVFD".

This may seem like an impossible feat, but if you follow these instructions, you’re guaranteed to have an article with the immensely sought after "QVFD" on it in no time.

Step 1: Post some vanity[edit]

One of the best ways to get your desired outcome is to post some vanity. Talk about you teachers, parents, or friends.

For example: "My stupid English teacher is so gay! I hate him!" is a very good start to getting your article on the QVFD list in just moments!

Step 2: Add some in-jokes[edit]

The use of AT LEAST one of these is required. Beyond that is extra points.

Throw in an in-joke or two. Talk about Chuck Norris, make up an Oscar Wilde quote, do a Russian Reversal, or make a clone of AAAAAA!. This is a sure-fire to get a QVFD template stamped on you article! You're off to a good start!

Step 3: Even more in-jokes[edit]

An article's not an article that isn't filled with more in-jokes than the actual topic of the page. Don't hold back throw as many on as you can! Anonymous Slashy, Over 9000, Kanye West, Grues, and at least 4 more in-jokes are needed in your article. After all, you're shooting for the stars!

Step 4: Add a shock picture at the end[edit]

You need at least one shock picture. It's like a signature or a bow. It makes people remember it. A good shock picture requires at least 4 quarts of blood or at least 2 penises. Ideally, it will contain 4 quarts of blood AND 2 penises. Remember kids, the more disgusting the picture, the more likely you are to obtain your goal!

Step 5: Sit back and wait[edit]

Wait for 5 minutes then check back in. If it isn't in QVFD, kill yourself. Stupid failure. Your life is worthless. See "suicide" for instructions for what to do next, you worthless piece of shit.

If you get banned, not to worry, it's just because the admins were jealous they can't write as good. A good article's not a good article that doesn't get you banned. Just create a new account and try again! Wait, even better, do it anonymously! Articles created by unregistered contributors get lots of attention!

If you don't get banned, you're a failure. You didn't work hard enough. Commit suicide.

If you follow these steps, you’ll have your very own QVFD article to show all your friends! Well, all your friends that can be to your house in 5 minutes or less. Congratulations, your article has now been wiped!