Decepticon Party

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Decepticon Party
"Decepticon Party Symbol"
Foundation February 28, 1854
Political ideology Lawn bowling
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“Blatant deception has never before been so in.”

~ Tony Blair on Decepticon Party

The Decipticon Party is a global leftist political party, that has had such prestigious individuals as Tom Cruise, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, and Lyndon B. Johnson. Their party platform includes saving America from the Predacons, and tapping as much ass as is humanly possible.

They oppose the Predacon Party.


The Decepticon Party's platform is to always have a plan. Other important ideals are:

  • The most important plan is to always do the exact opposite as Predacons.
  • Being at least 50% composed of Predacons, or Predacon sympathizers, in order to ensure that no one takes them seriously
  • George Bush is a small business
  • Being homosexual terrorist commies
  • Defeating Optimus Prime
  • Equipping with the correct body armor
  • Ending our dependence on Energon Crystals by exploring other fuel sources, such as humans, and the Prime Matrix
  • Having gratuitous gut-check time
  • Pointing out that the Predacons are a group of pious, overblown hypocrites
  • Pointing out that the Predacons, for all of their pro-war bluster, somehow magically manage never to serve, preferring instead to let Decepticons do all the fighting
  • Find all the Minicons, before those damn Autobots get to them
  • Kick Starscream out, but every time they try he just buys us lots of weed and who can say no to that? But one day, we will kick Starscream out because he is just too charming and evenhanded


The Decepticon party at one time managed to save the planet from the econ invaders from Jupiter 4, and are infuriated that the Predacons take credit for it, when the Predacons were in fact in favor of non interference at the time. The party contains many homosexual feminist movie producers hellbent on stuff. They have a long history of Presidential Candidates and Presidents, but have been known to purposely nominate the weakest candidates to lose on purpose. The reasons for this remain unknown, but most probable is the bizarre, 1995 decision to donate the party's balls to charity. This lack of balls is infuriating to party loyalists who long for a strong stance against the Predacons and Optimus Prime.