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Bet nobody's ever posted this pic before! The Orange ones fuck you up REAL GOOD!! lmao!

“Clap! Clap for unoriginality!”

~ Oscar Wilde on unoriginality

Unoriginality started in 1337 when Chuck Norris and Mr.T were huffing kittens. They were getting really super high, so Oprah came and used her eye beams to try to kill them. Around that time, a bunch of ninjas, pirates, and ninja pirates took down Oprah using lots of Jello. Then, Llama Jesus, Ultra Jesus, and Dr. Phil teamed up, and after eight long days, they created unoriginality.


Well, after word spread that unoriginality had been created, the Werepirateninjas, and clinjas started a war against everyone else. George W. Bush tried to stop it, but he was too stupid. So then, Chuck Norris came back, and he roundhouse kicked everyone to death, except for Mr.T, because he pitied dat fool. So an epic battle between Chuck and Mr.T took place, with Chuck roundhouse kicking and Mr.T pitying fools. Of course, Oscar Wilde won, because he's invincible. The world was then thrown into an Ice Age for eleventy-bajillion centuries.

Later On...[edit]

So the Ice Age eventually passed, and the Pope decided to bring unoriginality back. Along with the help of your mom and Paris Hilton, unoriginality became a popular fad once again. Soon enough, even important people like Ashlee Simpson and Michael Jackson began to use the concept of unoriginality. But Michael Jackson got distracted by little boys, and was eventually eaten by a grue. This stage provided a segue into the final stage of unoriginality.

Modern Day Unoriginality[edit]

Finally, Unoriginality was declared official in 2005, by Tom Cruise, the God of Scientology. He ransomed Barbara Bush for Congress to pass a bill that states all major motion pictures must be remade within ten years, or the shear originality of these movies could pose a threat to the people of America. He originally kidnapped Lynne Cheney, but no one really missed her. Unfortunately, minutes later Vin Diesel killed Tom with a bunch of random weapons.

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