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Spanish inquisition.jpg BLASPHEMY!!!

God hath declared ye article BLASPHEMOUS!!!.
It shall be deleted and its author shall be smitten immediately. Thus spaketh the Lord.

Do something about ye problem or else we shall be forced to bring out...the comfy chair! Duh-duh-duh!

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Madness, or Sparta?
Even celebrities were known to use Blasphemy

“Jesus H. Christ! If you think I'm going to add to this Blasphemous piece of trash, you're way off.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Blasphemy

“I'm just plain sick of people asking me for Photo I.D...”

~ Muhammed on Blasphemy

“This is Blasphemy! This is Madness!!”

~ a Persian douche on Sparta's defiance

“Jesus H. Fucking Christ, Mary was a cunt!”

~ Pope Benedict XVI on stubbing his toe on the way to the altar again.


~ Leonidas on above comment at the Persian Douche

“Blasphemy, blas for you, blas for everyone!”

~ Eddie Izzard on Blasphemy

“And so, as a BLASPHEMER!!!!!!!!, you shall be put to death.”

~ The Sanhedrin on Jesus

Blasphemy is an utterance against something holy or infinitely precious, and is accordingly quite different between cultures, religions and IQ demographics. For example, a drawing of Jesus buttfucking a pig while smoking crack may be offensive to some in Texas, while Joseph Smith unleashing an avalanche of cum unto Darwin's eye while fisting an 80-years-old shemale may be considered merely improper in formal settings, at least in principle.

French is the language with the most extensive vocabulary for blashemy. In fact, the entire French vocabulary is more or less blasphemous. To discourage further cultural degeneration however, examples will not be given on this site in the French "language".

Blasphemy gets thrown around a lot these days, so most people wonder "Jesus! What's wrong with Blasphemy anyway?" So the helpful Uncyclopedians will try to teach you a thing or two about why Blasphemy is wrong.


Uncyclopedians recognise the fact that the origins of Blasphemy were probably fairly boring; probably some guy who forgot to capitalise the G in gibraltar or ganondorf, and you'd have to be a complete douche to do that. So, without further ado, let's skip straight to some juicy examples.


The popular, yet controversial and rather Blasphemous children's book...Can you find Muhammad?

Blasphemy is saying mean things about God. God doesn't like that. He's very sensitive. If you make God cry you get a massive flood.

What constitutes blasphemy include:

setting this as a screensaver on a mac is blasphemy

Least acceptable Blasphemy[edit]

The first and foremost example of Blasphemy is written below. Viewers beware, the following Blasphemy is not intended for persons under the age of 18 or 21, depending of your current location. Be warned, the following snippet may cause viewers to faint, wake up, see the snippet again and faint again. Ok, ready? Can't say I didn't warn you.

  • "Uncyclopedia? Is that like a copy of Encyclopedia Dramatica or something?" - The Most Blasphemous Blasphemy.

Oh god damn, I think we all better take a breather. That hit me pretty hard. Ok, give yourself 5 minutes before you move on.

Most acceptable Blasphemy[edit]

This is barely a blasphemy, and it may even be argued that this is pure fact:

  • "<insert name here> is a complete douche" - Most Acceptable Blasphemy.

What happens to blasphemers[edit]

This is God when He's angry. Do you really wanna mess with this?

Blasphemers go to Hell. This happens regardless of how morally good you are. God is like an elephant. He doesn't forget about it if you diss him or his heaven posse.

Hell is a place created by God to torture humans who He loves. If this seems odd it means you don't have enough faith so you are going to Hell.

In regards to the many problems that surround Blasphemy, there is one that stands above them all. Of course, I'm talking about the fact that the proper etiquette about how to deal with Blasphemy restricts the good people from Uncyclopedia from drawing cartoons of Muhammad shouting "Holy Shit!" as he spots Jesus carving the Crucifix into a crudely made dildo. It's times like these that you must ask yourself, "Is Blasphemy really that bad? Is it really evil?" I think you know the answer: Who, in their right mind, doesn't want to see a crucifix as a dildo? You are a blasphemer.

How to fight Blasphemy[edit]

So far, not much is known about how to fight it. Personally, I think Blasphemy is pretty damn cool, you can trick people about where you are heading with a sentence. ie. "Holy, Holy, Holy...Shit" Ha! They never saw that one coming! I start out Holy and finish with pure and utter Blasphemy, that's probably the one reason I like Blasphemy so much...It's probably also the one reason I'm not allowed to teach Sunday School any more either. But if you desperately want to fight blasphemy and you want to know what an Uncyclopedian like me would use...I'd say an axe. If it doesn't kill it, then God damn!

What you can do to avoid blaspheming[edit]

  1. Don't say anything unless it's a prayer.
  2. Pray.
  3. Pray some more.
  4. Read the Bible.
  5. Pray.
  6. Don't go looking for Jesus' tomb.
  7. Have your frontal lobe removed.
  8. Deny the scientific method
  9. Don't update articles dealing with religion on uncylopedia.
  10. Pray

What to do if you have committed blasphemy[edit]

  1. Don't say anything unless it's a prayer.
  2. Pray.
  3. Pray some more.
  4. Wash your mouth with soap Bleach.
  5. Read the Bible.
  6. Pray.
  7. Repent and ye shall be saved!
  8. Beat yourself with a whip.
  9. Burn some witches.

Blasphemy is[edit]

  • Evil
  • Barbaric
  • Illegal in some countries
  • Fun
  • A song by Morbid Angel (I'm not kidding)
  • occasionally known to lead to Jihad!
  • Funny
  • Blasphemous (DOH!)
  • Unforgivable

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