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Before reading, please note that books are not stupid and should be read. Thank you

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Books. The stuff of legends (or rather the stuff legends were recorded in). How we adore you! How we have come to relish and love the touch of you! Soft or hard, you provide us with utmost pleasure and hours of exhilaration, all the while fulfilling our wildest fantasies! The amazing world we live in (terrorists, financial breakdowns, natural disasters all included) would not be the same without them. Where would we get textbooks filled with knowledge if there were no books? The horrifying answer would be we wouldn't be able to get them.

Why Read Books[edit]

There are plenty of reasons to read books. Some of the more common reasons are explored below


 Books contain anything.  Like, seriously anything.  It is possible to find books on fish, a pizza boy, gods,  Playboy bunnies dressed up as martians in order to seduce the Plutonian version of Hugh Hefner, some  random 25th century man who jumped off a building to suddenly find he fell into a time warp bringing him into the 13th century with the Black Death,  and the list goes on. And I made you scroll all the way to the right. You poor thing! Awww!

Books kill time. Literally. You can read a book and suddenly you'll find that there's a Bronze Age dagger hidden within another dimension in between two pages that can somehow stop time to allow you to finish your Starbucks coffee before reverting back to real time. On a more serious note, the hours go by so fast when you're reading its almost like the Time Machine warped you ten hours into the future when you finally put down your book.

The WWW[edit]

Most of you may know the WWW as the World Wide Web. This is not true. The WWW really stands for the Wonderful World of Words, and that originated from books. The true WWW the name of a secret book that has never been shown to the world. What you think was an innovative idea created in the late 20th century (the internet) is no more than a secret gleamed from the WWW. Furthermore, all information found on the internet is said to be false, and inputted into writers' brains by the WWW (yes, sadly Uncyclopedia and Wikipedia are both no more than fictions provided by some otherworldy power). It is said that it is the true Holy Grail, and that it is necessary to follow the trail to find it. Plenty of incentive there to read. The last person known to have possessed it was Da Vinci, who painted clues for future generations to find where he buried it. The Da Vinci Code (the movie) was a feeble attempt by a mysterious group known as PETA to get critics to accidentally reveal secrets related to the true trail of the WWW. It is speculated that the Bhelliom in David Eddings' series The Tamuli is another clue about the true location of the book. Perhaps this article was another clue that will guide the seekers of the true WWW.