Wardrobe malfunction

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~ Justin Timberlake on national television

In this shot, we see how the paper bag has inadvertently slipped from Paris Hilton's head just as the photograph was being taken.

A wardrobe malfunction is a magical occurrence in which the clothing of an individual attending some form of social event spontaneously removes itself. Occasionally, the piece of clothing will relocate to the hand of a nearby male.

The first discovery of this phenomenon occurred on a national television station that would prefer to remain unconnected with the incident. During the halftime show of Super Bowl XXX, Janet Jackson fell victim to this terrible occurrence. Every 12-year-old-girl's favorite pop icon, Justin Timberlake, happened to be the unsuspecting[citation needed] male to receive the bra. Some people believe that nipplegate was planned, and wasn’t a malfunction

Naturally, the footage was considered completely indecent and as such was subsequently aired on NBC, FOX and CNN.

Researchers continue to look for other cases of wardrobe malfunction, but so far nobody else has attempted to disguise the fact that their clothes were ripped off.

In an effort to reduce the embarrassment caused by such incidents, the super hero known as Unexpected Safety-Pin Man - or more casually, USP Man - has been observed. He cannot be recognised in advance, since his swift provision of a useful safety-pin must be "unexpected". There is more than one USP Man active at any one time.


Saint Lolo of Ferrari is the patron saint of wardrobe malfunctions, when she would occasionally inadvertently appear in photographs actually wearing clothes.

The results of a wardrobe malfunction may manifest themselves in the form of a curse inflicted by Saint Lolo of Ferrari. The most commonly known came in the form of a $550,000 fine for broadcasting such obscene material during the family event of the year.