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“Don't fuck wit da office o' its off wit yo head!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Uncyclomedia Office

The Uncyclomedia Office is a recently-established function of the Uncyclomedia Foundation to control the stream of libel and LIBERAL CONSPIRACY THEORIES that enter Uncyclopedia on an occasional basis. Founded two minutes ago, the Uncyclomedia Office has every tool at its disposal necessary to deal with things that risk hurting the integrity of the Uncyclopedia.

A photograph of the Uncyclomedia Office complex

The Uncyclomedia Office consists of Optimus Prime sitting at his desk listening to phone calls of people bitching about "lies" on the incredible edible Uncyclopedia. Occasionally, Optimus Prime will blow off their heads, because he's Optimus Prime, ya know?

How Office Actions Work[edit]

Very rarely, an office action will have to be imposed. These office actions consist of a unilateral blanking of the article, a notice of protection, and a block from editing. This tends to anger and upset the editing community, but it is the official stance of the Uncyclomedia Foundation that the editing community are the functional equivalent of "ant piss." Would you listen to puddles of ant piss? No, of course not.

Here's a typical article after a complaint by its subject caused a massive outbreak of derisive laughter from the Uncyclopedia community, followed by a spurious legal threat which led to an Office Action, and ultimately further editing by trusted admins to bring it fully into line with Uncyclomedia's firm policies on Biographies of Living People and Reliable Sources:

Adolf Hitler is the Chancellor of Germany[citation needed]. He is noted[citation needed] for his work on the moral fibre of German society[citation needed] and stimulating the economy[citation needed], notably through the Autobahn construction programm[citation needed]. Some have criticized aspects of his work[citation needed].

See? Much better.

Current Office Protections[edit]

This is a list of current articles being controlled under the "Office Rule." Do not revert the page blankings. Do not undo the actions of the Office. Doing so will result in very unpleasant consequences for you, your family, your pets, and your favorite basketball team. You have been warned.

Resistance is futile. You will be ass-stimulated.

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