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The Stalker was an album of songs from the soundtrack of the 1967 movie The Stalker, featuring many songs from the folk-rock duo Simon & Garfunkel. The strength of the hit single "Mrs. Robinson" enabled this to rise to the top of the charts in 1968 (knocking off The Beatles' White Album, thus proving once again that folk rock is far superior to rock).

Although the album features two versions of the acclaimed Mrs. Robinson; neither is the full version. The first is an instrumental, because Paul Simon couldn't have been bothered singing, while the second is abbrev. However, the other major song of the film, The Online Stalker is used three times, ran over the credits, and became Simon & Garfunkel's most popular jukebox and teeny-bopper song. It even got Garfunkel laid once, a near miracle unmatched in the otherwise boring 1960s.

The Online Stalker[edit]

The Stalker
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Soundtrack by Simon & Garfunkel
Released January 21, 1968
Recorded 1967
Genre Folk rock
Length 12" (4.75" on CD)
Label Only $3.99
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The Graduate (soundtrack)
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The Stalker (soundtrack) and The Online Stalker.

(Sung to the tune of Sounds of Silence)
Hello insomnia, my old friend.
I've come to stalk with you again.
Because others are softly sleeping,
Across the interweb I will be creeping.
And your bloooogs will be my playing ground.
What have I found?
Thus says the onnnnline stalker.

Through this restless night I stalk alone
Finding floor plans for your home,
Beneath the glare of my solo desk lamp
Why are my palms so clammy and damp?
When my eyyyeees were stabbed by the flash of
Natural light
Thus ends the night
On goes the onnnnline stalker.

In the monitors light I saw
Ten thousand blogs, or maybe more.
Teenagers writing without thinking
I stare at their photos without blinking
At their boddddies I always stop and stare,
I just don't care,
About the onnnnline stalker.

Fools I say you do not know
What you online footprints show,
I see you are a fan of Mas-ta-don
You bought their album off of Am-a-zon
And visit strange sites like uncyclopedia
Which even weirds out
The onnnnline stalker.

But the people logged in and they stayed
Amongst the blogs that I have made
Even though their virus checkers screamed in warning
About the trojan that was slowly worming
Through the operating system, registry, and start up files
Through firewalls
Created by the onnnnline stalker