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I'm Just Ten
I'm Just Ten cover
Song by Doctor Who
Released November 25, 2023

"I'm Just Ten" is a song by British Time-Lord the Doctor.


The Doctor while in his Fourteenth incarnation recorded and released the song after getting the same face (and teeth) as his Tenth regeneration. It is believed that this happened only so that the BBC could get a boost in viewership after the events of his her Thirteenth face, and the eventual loss of said returning viewer numbers when his Fifteenth regeneration returns back to the 1960's and becomes the first part of the 'black-and-white' era of television.


Doesn't seem to matter what I do

I'm always number two

Fourth Doctor: No you're ten!

Seventh Doctor: I thought he was fourteen?

No one knows how hard I tried, oh-oh, I

I have feelings that I can't regenerate

Flyin' me insane

All my life, been so not ginger

I'm just here for three episodes

'Cause I'm just Ten

Not anyone else, I know these teeth

Is it my destiny to live and die for the anniversary?

I'm just Ten

When I see Rose, she just sees Eccleston

What will it take for me to see the Cybermen again and fight the Daleks?

Can you feel the Ten-ergy?

Feels so real, my Ten-ergy

Can you feel the Ten-ergy?

Feels so real, my Tennant-ergy

I'm just Ten (And I'm enough)

This thing goes ding when there's stuff

So, hey, check me out, yeah, I'm just Ten

My name's Ten

Tenth Doctor: And so am I

Hey don't put that pear in my hand

So, hey, world, check me out, yeah, I'm just Ten

Baby, I'm just Ten

(What, what, what?)


After its release, Russell T Davies rewrote the ending to the Fourteenth Doctor's final special, "The Giggle", to make his regeneration a 'bi-generation' — meaning that when Ncuti Gatwa took over, Ten Fourteen can go off and have lunch with Donna's family... and also he likes both genders now. Additionally, Davies' added a scene where Neil Patrick Harris dances to the Spice Girls as the BBC couldn't get the rights from Hasbro and Barbie to include Fourteen's song.