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Uncyclopedia rebrands as "Y" UnNews Logo Potato.png

25 July 2023

In this case, X does not marks the spot.

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- Wikipedia parody site Uncyclopedia has been rebranded as Y — leaving many asking "why?"

The move surely follows last week's decision by Elon Musk to rebrand Twitter to the single letter "X". America's smartest businessman, overnight, extinguished a billion dollars' worth of brand recognition and confounded his audience, all in hopes of expanding the service to telephony, payments, appliance repair, and, as he put it, "restaurant dishes delivered to your front door, probably." The potential for synergy is self-evident, as people could use the messaging service to buy a Tesla or request a mass-transit tunnel to be dug in their backyard.


Musk bought Uncyclopedia in April and fired all its admins soon after. Regarding the follow-on name change, Musk stated, "It doesn't matter why. It just looks cool. Nobody wants to Google a long-ass name like 'Uncyclopedia' — typing just one letter to find us will be much simpler."

Along with the name change, the classic puzzle potato logo will also be changed to a simple black Y, much to the dismay of long-time users.

"I'm puzzled. You will change the logo, but you won't vote for my article to be featured? Tesla sucks!" said I.P. Anon on Musk's talk page. Another user, a Mr., asked, "Who even voted for you to become a sysop, anyway? Just because you spent a lot of money doesn't make you one. Using this logic, I'm the owner of my local strip club." However, Musk gave himself checkuser and researched the user, discovering that he is indeed the owner of a local strip club and obviating any further rebuttal.

Having claimed both X and Y, despite dozens of competing trademarks, Musk is well on his way to owning the entire alphabet — but, like Pokemon, Z will never come... unless he sleeps.