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2 July 2023

Effects of the new policy were not immediately evident.

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- As readers continue to flock to Uncyclopedia, mistaking it for Wikipedia, the site has imposed a read limit. The move, patterned after a similar policy change at Twitter, follows a torrent of messages left on admins' talk pages that certain articles are not "funny."

"If we only allow them to read five articles a day," a comedy veteran Bureaucrat stated, "even if just one of them is crummier than the others, then the overall percentage of enjoyment will be higher than if let them read all the crap articles they want."

So far, the rate limit has been effective. Additions to Votes for Deletion are the lowest in months, saving admins tens of seconds of time that can be better spent browsing Category:Pictures of naked girls and Category:Girls kissing.

"I just think it's stupid," one autopatrolled user commented. "Sure, out of the 37,000-plus articles, 90% are trash — but, like trashy whores, they aren't completely useless, especially if you have nothing better to do with 30 minutes on a Friday night."

Under the restrictions, non-account users can still only view five articles per day, while autopatrolled and rollbackers can view a whopping twenty. Admins are not restricted at all, though most of them are illiterate and don't actually read the articles anyway.