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Democracy Dies with Dignity UnNews Wednesday, September 27, 2023, 04:22:59 (UTC)

Trump faces the Indictment gang UnNews Logo Potato.png

4 August 2023

Jack Smith: The Man with No Shame

Dodge D.C. USA -- Sinister lawyer Jack Smith and the Hole in My Legal Case Gang have tracked down the fugitive Big Donnie Trump to a court house in Dodge D.C. With his team of Sheriff Joe Biden's hand picked lawslingers, Smith announced that he "had got his bounty". Trump was taken before Judge Judy.

"We have nailed the Orange Man's ass," said Smith, blowing smoke out of his loaded Winchester 2023. "We have been on this miscreant's tail ever since he gave us the legal slip in January 2021 after the riot at the Capitol. I have my Colt 45 indictments, which will put away Trump away for 100 years."

Jack and the Gang

Smith, also known as "The Man with No Shame", grew a sinister beard to intimidate everyone connected in Trump's alleged crimes. He successfully "interviewed" many people, who told him where Trump was hiding. Faced with the wrath of Smith, quite a few ratted on Trump to save their own RINO hides.

Donnie Trump has denied any involvement in the riot and claims he was listening to legal arguments of Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell that he was within his rights to become sheriff again of Dodge D.C.

Trump is staying at Bedminster Ranch for his trial.

"I had the best legal advice," said Trump. "They said I had won the vote to be sheriff again and that Sleepy Joe was too old. I'm not guilty of anything, unlike Hunter Biden. You can charge my lawyers but not me."

Judge Judy said it was a complicated legal case but would listen to arguments about letting Trump stay free for now or not. When this news was relayed to Jack Smith, he grimaced and spat a wad of chewed tobacco. His other "Indictmenters" followed suit.

Meantime, Sheriff Biden has ordered a permanent guard outside Trump's house, who will "shoot" anyone trying to get out without pre-clearing it with Judge Judy.