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RINO an acronym for ReichsInstitut fuer die Neutralisierung der Opposition (English: Imperial Institute for the Neutralising of the Opposition) is a National-Socialist organisation, that freezes opponents of the Nazi-regime and smashes them to bits. The members of this organisation have not only taken a liking of freezing and smashing their opponents, but also fruit, small plastic bottles and innocent children.


RINO has a rigid hierarchical structure under the iron-fist rule of a former soviet general, who serves as Reichskommisar fuer die Eiskalte Neutralisierung der Opposition (Imperial Commisaris for the Ice-cold Neutralising of the Opposition). He has recently switched allegiances, after previously serving the Red Army, as well as Norways Viking Troops in the Third Crusade. Some other posts exist but these are all taken over by pawns of the Reichskommisar.

Linked Organisation[edit]

Many RINO members are affiliated with the SchutzStaffel-Raststaette. After coldly killing a few dozen resistance-members, RINO-operatives like to lay back and drink a beer in one of these SSR's.

International Links[edit]

RINO has spread its nasty tentacles all over the European continent: Denmark and Poland have strong branches. Recently contacts between RINO and innocent Latvian schoolchildren, has led the CIA to believe that Latvia too will soon see political opponents of the Nazi regime being frozen to death and then ruthlessly smashed with a banana.


RINO also has an important part in the National-Socialist scheme to eliminate opposition. Some opponents of the regime have been battered to death with frozen bananas.

Next to cryogenic homicide, RINO also practizes brainwashing. Its minions are sent to public schools to conscript unwitting school children. Often RINO comes in, freezes the teacher, smashes him (or her) to bits and enraptures many an unsuspecting school child with their pseudo-scientific propaganda. The ears of those who refuse to listen are frozen off.

Recent Developments[edit]

Recently RINO has started to use television as a means to coolly manipulate the masses through inconspicuous science shows for the young and naive children of our society. RINO operations have also penetrated other fields of pseudo-science such as levitation and telepathically communicating music through innocent bystanders.


A small group of resistance fighters has lately infiltrated the organisation, posing as interested Romanian school-children. The following top-secret information has been passed on: Often the secret-code word is "Humunumunumu-kuapua-aa"; To remain unsuspect undercover, try to use the following words as much as possible in conversation: "Freeze"; "Smash to bits"; "Explosion"; and "Superconductor".


Most of the information in this article has been taken from the secret CIA report: "RINO: ice-cold infanticide". Another important source on RINO has been the german philosopher Heidegger, who in a recent, rather thin, article "Sein und Zeit" warned the world about RINO's development of time-warping machines.