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16 March 2024

Princess of Wales with her children before and after photoshopping.

LONDON -- The original Princess of Wales photo with her children has been discovered — the version before the edited 'official' photo of Kate Middleton with a normal, healthy family that was sent out to newspapers and photo agencies as genuine Mother's Day photos.

British-based conspiracy expert David Icke claims that the original photo proves his long-held belief that the British royal family are creatures from outer space. He said, "The Princess is currently living on Pluto. Her reported medical surgery was just a cover. We have got to face the truth. The House of Windsor are lizards."

Icke's theories have been picked up by broadcaster Alex Jones and Twitter owner Elon Musk and featured on their podcasts.

Experts are divided on the origin of the doctored photo. It may have been made using some secret Photoshop filters only accessible to the powers that be. The Prince of Wales said it was 'an early April Fool's joke'.