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30 November 2017

Prince Harry and (title-to-be-decided) Meghan Markle.

LONDON, United Kingdom -- Hollywood actress Meghan Markle from the television series Suits will take the British Royals to the dry cleaners when it comes to style. Markle who plays Rachel Zane (sister of Billy 'Titanic' Zane) in the expensive television series (shot in Toronto, Canada to save a few bucks) is to marry Prince Harry of England. Markle gave her consent to the marriage proposal by 33 year old Prince Harry after the necessary checks were made on her past to see if she had appeared in The Fappening and on Harry's to establish his paternity was correct as stated on his birth certificate. Markle will also have to change her religion again. The 36 year old actress converted from Episcopalian Christianity to Judaism when she married Trevor Engelson. Now she can become an Anglican again. The option of Prince Harry 'going Jewish' was ruled out by Queen Elizabeth II.

The scene.

The couple are said to have met in on the set of Suits when Harry appeared briefly as a love interest of Rachel Zane's. Their sex scenes amongst the filing cabinets on set was said to have been too hot even for an American drama series where even the men wear pasties to cover their nipples. In the end the scene was canned and Markle re-shot the scenes with another actor.

Prince Harry when he was in Nazi Britain First.

Prince Harry has in the past dated numerous rich blondes to secure a financial match made in the Cayman Islands but instead has gone for Markle. Her mixed race background was said to be a gain for the British Royal family and an apology for the British slave trade that brought the ancestors of Markle's mother to America as human cargo.

The wedding will take place in May 2018. The marriage won't be a grand affair like that of Prince William and Kate Middleton's a few years back. The guest list will include President Donald Trump and his wife Melanoma. They are expected to produce a trade deal where Trump gets to build a tower next door to Buckingham Palace in exchange for Haggis sales.