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13 July 2022

A screenshot from the Mario Party ad campaign.

SYDNEY NSW, Australia -- New South Wales has voted to kick out premier Dominic Perrottet, and replace him with Mario effective immediately.

On June 20th, Italian and Japanese national Mario registered with the Australian Electoral Commission to create the Mario Party of Australia. Sponsored by Nintendo, it is the first Australian political party to appeal to the gaming community to actually pass legislation and be added to the vote — after the many failed attempts of those trying to make the National Gamers Party.

"Mama mia!" Mario stated. "I just a-wanted a-to make-a changes to New South-a Wales." For over a month, Mario has placed ads on television, posters on walls, and even talked to locals himself. Mario's party once consisted of three other members: Princess Peach, who was kidnapped by the criminal mastermind that the Australian Federal Police have named 'Browser', Luigi who left the party after an argument with his brother and went back to sucking up ghosts in mansions, and Toad who was accidently smoked in Western Sydney when a bunch of stoners mistook the mushroom-looking-man for some shrooms.

Mario was sworn into the NSW office on July 12th, where his first act as premier was to rename the state, as Nintendo swiftly copyrighted NSW, claiming that it was the most common abbreviation for the Nintendo Switch, despite no one ever using it.