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Horse de-wormer drug still being taken to 'beat Covid' UnNews Logo Potato.png

26 October 2021

Side effects for taking ivermectin

Miami, Florida, USA - Supplies of the horse de-worming drug ivermectin are still in short supply as many Americans are taking it to stop them from catching Coronavirus. This is despite warnings by Doctor Anthony Fauci that it won't help you unless you are running in the Kentucky Derby.

Ivermectin has been touted as the 'safe' anti-vaccination drug for people who don't like the taste of fresh bleach in the morning. Sales of the drug have taken off again after an initial interest in ivermectin's touted health benefits. Now doctors are reporting that they are seeing some of their patients are either turning into real horses or fake ones.

Tasty if you feeling a bit equine lately.

"It's becoming quite a problem," said Doctor Kilgore. "I was used to having patients walk into my clinic but now they come galloping in, making dents in the floor with their hooves. It's quite alarming. Some have asked me if turning into a horse is just a side effect and they will regain their human shape again. At this stage we just don't know."

Sales of the anti-parasitic drug have given it a street value of three bales of hay and a bucket of carrots. That people are now turning into horses hasn't stopped ivermectin being continuously promoted by Fox News presenters.