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30 June 2009

Note that Wikipedia’s logo is hollow and unpatriotic, where as Conservapedia’s incorporated everything that embodies freeness and trustworthiority. And Wikipedia’s is smaller.

YOUTUBE, The Internet – On the twenty-eighth of June 2009 a Christian (known only as SockOfGod) uploaded a video, entitled "Conservapedia is better than Wikipedia", to opinion sharing website YouTube explaining how much better an encyclopaedia the free-and-trustworthy Conservapedia is, than the costly-lies of rival encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

In his video he gave a brief overview of the free and trustworthy Conservapedia stating that it is both “free and trustworthy”. He also mentioned that an earlier video of his was mentioned in Conservapedia’s free and trustworthy news column stating that it was “Totally radical!”. SockOfGod showed his viewers the free and trustworthy article on Evolution, with the accompanying picture of a half evolved Charles Darwin. He explained the century and a half old slander as Conservapedia giving a free and trustworthy example of Wikipedia’s evil bias and how wrong it is. SockOfGod ended his video by saying that Conservapedia was "an excellent source for both free and trustworthy information that has absolutely no liberal bias!".

We at UnNews got in touch with Wikipedia to get their thoughts on the controversy. Stacy V, spokesperson for Wikipedia, had this to say: “Admittedly we have had to up our entry fee (from free to $3 an hour) but that is because we demand that we produce only the best information with as little bias as possible, we think people will appreciate that over "free-and-trustworthy" right-wing Babble.” Strong words but the story doesn't end there.

The Conservapedia logo, for those who didn't catch it the first time.

On the twenty-ninth of June 2009, SockOfGod uploaded a second, more “in-depth”, video titled “Free – and trustworthy – online encyclopedia Conservapedia (still) better than Wikipedia”. In the more in-depth video, with a longer title, SockOfGod first explained what type of computer he was using to view the free and trustworthy Conservapedia and then proceeded to show off his “Fabulous camouflage military shorts”. We asked the head editor of Vogue magazine what she though of SockOfGod's shorts: “Well personally I think they look pretty trendy; free and trustworthy with no liberal bias – that’s what I look for in shorts.”

SockOfGod then showed his audience the free and trustworthy article on Evolution, suggesting that it would be good for medical students who can’t afford Wikipedia’s “extortionate bias”. As a side note he also pointed out that a previous video of his was featured on Conservapedia’s free and trustworthy news column. He clicked the link to bring up his previous video which he showed viewers, proclaiming to be both free and trustworthy humbled and honoured”. He ended the video encouraging people to view his previous video and reinforcing the idea that Conservapedia is both free and trustworthy.

Three "YouTubers" left a wide range of comments on the videos:

"Medicasean: Dude, I just got my results back. I'm so gonna sue this place!"

"X-tronComputerGeek: Lol I have a bigger [k]eyboard, computer noo[b]! [sic]"

"GayMan1947: Yew have nice shorts!"

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