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Biden gives Putin a list of websites not to hack UnNews Logo Potato.png

18 June 2021

It is not clear whether Putin could have understood Biden's remarks if he had taken off the mask.

GENEVA, Switzerland -- In the wake of the cyberattack of an East Coast oil pipeline and a meatpacking business, thought to originate in Russia, U.S. President Joe Biden has given Russian President Vladimir Putin a list of 16 websites that he must take special care not to hack.

The list was submitted during the presidents' summit here. It includes the website of Playboy Magazine, a favorite of son Hunter Biden, and CNN and MSNBC, considered two vital national-security resources, even after CNN reporterette Kaitlan Collins, one of six reporters pre-screened to address Biden, asked him an impertinent question and Biden chewed her out, telling her she was in the wrong business. Biden later apologized for being such a "wise guy," something that no one has ever accused him of being, and both networks led with favorable comparisons to ex-President Donald Trump, who never apologized for anything.

The list is viewed as a starting point for negotiations, not a comprehensive tally of untouchable entities. For example, if Russia let the United States complete its pull-out from Afghanistan without wisecracks or mischief, the Biden Administration might look the other way at a hack of a chemical plant.

Left off the list was Fox News, meaning that Russia could commit cyber-blackmail on that site with relative impunity, if not official encouragement.

Biden went the extra mile by giving Putin a list of 16 passwords that he must never, ever use.