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UnFair and UnBalanced UnNews Thursday, October 6, 2022, 23:34:59 (UTC)

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5 September 2022

What would be weird is if someone bought snakes on a plane.

CALIFORNIA -- An Australian social-media influencer has posted about her "weird" experience online after travelling on an American plane.

"So I get on and go to take my seat, and get this right, there's no numbers," Shelby Bilby wrote on a Tik-Tok post. "But it gets weirder, cause who's next to me? None other than Al Yankovic!"

When boarding her connecting flight to sunny California, another strange American plane custom happened to Bilby. When passing through the security checkpoint, TSA agents asked her if she had a concealed carry. After asking what he meant, she was told that those flying on planes in America were not allowed to have concealer or other types of make-up. Since she did not have a concealed carry permit, she had to forfeit $250 (AUD) worth of lipstick, concealer and other assorted beauty products; much to the dismay of Bilby who "needed" those products since "an Instagram model just becomes an average looking person without make-up". She was also told that no weapons were allowed on board public transport. This is also the same back home in Australia — with the exception of eshays in Melbourne on buses and trams stabbing the driver when they refuse to top up their myki.

Weird Al is yet to make a statement on his public appearance, most likely due to him and Daniel Radcliffe being too busy doing Madonna.

After landing in California, Bilby went to a local (base)ball game as she was contractually obliged to make a few posts on her feed to "promote the classic American sport" — despite the fact that Shelby had no clue what was going on, nor who was even winning. At the stadium, Shelby was once again met with the "strange" and "weird" no numbered seats. Bilby asked around, trying to find her seat before being told that she could "sit anywhere".

"So now I'm being told that I can sit anywhere in the stadium," another of Bilby's posts said. "This is so weird omg [sic]."

To conclude her day out, she went to the local Arby's and asked for a large chips. When the cashier told her that they didn't sell chips, Bilby pointed around the restaurant to other patrons who were eating chips, which left the cashier even more confused as to what the Australian meant.

"Okay guys, I just found out that Americans call chips 'fries'," Shelby's last California post wrote. "And they call tomato sauce 'ketchup'. Literally never coming here ever again... unless another company pays me to."