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America files for divorce from GOP UnNews Logo Potato.png
The Republican Party (left) and America in 2004.

8 November 2006

WASHGINTON, DC - The United States of America has filed for divorce from the Republican Party citing "irreconcilable differences".

The couple wed in 1994, after America annulled her forty-year marriage to childhood friend the Democratic Party.

As recently as 2004 the US gave no hint of marriage problems. However it is rumored that America was displeased that the GOP allowed their children to fight with the neighbor's kids. Sources close to the US also note that the GOP's addiction to Indian gambling was a concern for America. Additionally, America had expressed that she felt like the Republican party was constantly spying on her.

In a press release, The United States said, "I simply felt that we were no longer right for each other. I need a spouse who respects me."

"Also, I am trying to find a way to get the GOP's father to move out" she added.

The Republican Party could not be reached for comment.

The divorce papers state the day of separation as January 3, 2007.


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