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Activision announces Call of Duty movie UnNews Logo Potato.png

22 November 2014

An initial concept shot of the movie, which many viewers deem indistinguishable from the related gaming franchise

SANTA MONICA, California Activision, a video game publisher originally founded by disgruntled Atari programmers, has announced its intention to enter the filmmaking business. CEO Robert A. Kotick said that:

Our Call of Duty franchise has entered an inescapable foray into ultra-realism, and the company believes that the next logical step is to publish a film based on the franchise. We trust our loyalist fanboys, I mean consumer base will buy tickets to see this film and it will be a commercial and critical success.

The film is expected to be filled with copious amounts of violence, and mindless shooting that the games feature. The plot, which many gamers tend to disregard to begin with, is based on the general plots of the games in the franchise in that it is a World War II based action film. It is said to be centered around the European theater, and a significant part of the film is centered around D-Day, with General Eisenhower ripping Nazi Zombies apart with his bare hands. It is said to have a significantly large budget, and will be filmed in Hollywood.

Not many other details have been given about the movie other than Activision has signed on Michael Bay as the director, and that the unnamed male lead of the film will be played by Tom Cruise. Media reception of Activision's announcement has been generally negative, with fans of the franchise not wanting to see the name butchered on screen, and moviegoers saying they do not want to see yet another generic action film. Noted media critic Doug Walker said that "This is not a video game! This is not a movie! I don't know what this is supposed to be! An interactive movie, or just a game on the big screen?! It has no depth! I'm not even sure what this thing wants to be!"

Despite negative reaction in the media, Activision has announced a tentative release for the movie in November 2015, with the working title Call of Duty: The Movie. It will feature an aggressive marketing campaign which will include advertisements on television, gaming events, and social media, and Activision has instructed theaters to ask customers in the theater, and to also call frequent customers asking them to preorder a ticket for the film.