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Toy Story is a series of movies.

Toy Story 1: A Toy Odyssey[edit]

Released in the United States as 1995: A Toy Odyssey.

A screenshot from the American version of Toy Story 1.

In the first movie, Woody, a reluctantly annoying cowboy from the Victorian era announces to the other toys that the owner of the toys (Andy) is going to be moving houses. The other toys then start panicking by Woody is safe to assume that everything is fine. To broadcast prime-time coverage, Woody sets up a radio and sends the green soldiers to spy on Andy and what presents he's getting.

After a failed investigation, the toys are introduced to a Space Ranger, known as Buzz Lightyear. Buzz was way too cool for Woody and the other toys and liked being a show-off. Not only that but he also is much more advanced than Woody and has much more of a capability to actually do stuff. Woody becomes jealous of this infidel and becomes even more jealous once Buzz flies.

At this point, every toy except for Woody would like to be Buzz and not Woody which makes Woody jealous. Andy then has to pick only one toy to take with him to Pizza Planet. Andy chooses Buzz but unfortunately for him, Buzz is in a bush and Woody gets the blame. Thus, Buzz runs after the car and Woody is already in the car. After fighting, they end up in Pizza Planet disguised as food and drinks. Buzz then finds a spaceship but Woody just wants to go home.

Woody eventually climbs in the spaceship and find lots of aliens. The aliens then direct Woody and Buzz to the claw which picks up toys and puts them in danger. Both toys then are captured by the claw along with one alien and end up in the hands of a serial killer known as "Sid". They then escape and kill Sid and Buzz and Woody is sent back to Andy without any harm. The End.

As excitement grew prior to the release of the third movie, Disney revealed on their website that certain important clues had been hidden in the second half of the first movie all along :

To our devoted watchers:

You know how we like to leave little hints about plot points one movie in advance, then hit you over the head with your obliviousness?

Well, I fooled you damned kids again! The Aliens are Chinese spies, as you should have guessed from their unnatural attachment to plugs and batteries. He can't even pronounce "electricity," and I'm not quite sure what escapators are, so he's obviously not from around here, is he?

Zeeya Later,

The Walt Disney Company

A bootleg Argentinian version of was released a month after the first Toy Story. It features an alternate universe where Sid keeps the toys. The rip-off proved so intriguing that it, and not the original, was adapted for Netflix. Disney was so infuriated over the obvious copyright infringement, she purchased every copy of the direct-to-video creation, using them as Christmas gifts for her less overtly enthusiastic fans.

Toy Story 2: The Toy Empire Strikes Back[edit]

“I can relate to Stinky Pete”

~ Oscar Wilde on Toy Story 2


When Woody is on a mission to save some penguin from the nasty appearance of Yard Sales, Woody gets captured by a toy collector by the name of Al while Andy is one camp. Al takes Woody and captures him into a transparent light box where Woody will be sold. In the meantime, Buzz and the gang are out to defeat Emperor ZurgLemon and do exactly that.

Soon after, Woody, Buzz, and the gang finds themselves mysteriously transported into the world of "Despicable Me" (2010), the animated flick about the Wiggle Gru and Stinky Pete, two silly buds that really like Bud Light. Set in the Toy YoYo City in 1980's America, Woody is the victim of a diabolical scheme to get him to eat steak and kidney pies on national television, causing terminal embarrassment and hopefully, embroilment. The plan is foiled when Woody ends up teleporting to Andy's house again. Bill Gates makes a guest appearance.

Excerpt of Script[edit]

Stinky Pete: "Hello Strange Little Man."

Woody: "What are you doing here, fart?"

Stinky Pete: "Don't call me that!"

Woody: "Toooo Bad"

Stinky Pete: "I'm gonna have a lie down now..."

Regional Differences[edit]

Different regional printings include variations that suited the local nationality including title and content changes. In "Toy Story: Christian Edition", Woody is arrested for speaking against the Pope and is sold on black and white television until he decides to be a Christian. In "Toy Story To Uzbekistan", Woody is locked inside a metal shipping crate in Kazakhstan and left to be sold. In "Toy Story ad the Hindus", Woody accidentally offends Hindus due to the wording of a spell and is sold.

Toy Story 3: The Lucky Number[edit]

Having proven the existence of Zurg and Sid, A pink bear known as Lotso (who cameos in Toy Story 2) notices Woody becoming the victim of fraud and corruption at a daycare, which reveals he has dubious personal singing habits. He is coerced into leaving the daycare to pursue with his own life and also help Andy be more relevant in life and in college. He discovers that a group of anti-Lotso protesters have adopted him as their official patron and sets about prosecuting them over the rights to his image. The movie climaxes with a death-defying battle with Lotso, ending with Barbie's unexpected plot-twisting revelation: "Woody, Lotso is out to kill you". Then some toys die.

Sid is revealed to be Lotso's friend. Buzz throws some of the toys like Potato Head out for not listening to him. This makes him become an authoritarian leader. Finally, it is at last revealed that Woody was not adopted by Andy, but rather was brainwashed by Sid and Potato Head. Therefore Lotso, Sid, and Potato Head all have a collective ownership of Woody. We also learn that Lotso is half Arabic. This spins Woody into a personal crisis in which Woody questions his religion. Woody then has a mental breakdown, starts wearing bling, and stutters every 5-10 seconds for every sentence.

Toy Story 4: Four Lucky Points[edit]

“There are lotso waiting rooms!”

~ A Doctor on Lotso

Buzz, using his awesome powers of virtual private networking, reappears alive in Hogwarts (Toy Edition. What did you think this was? Harry Potter?). Upon flying home to collectively-owned Woody, Lotso learns of his revival. He makes a whole load of copyrighted clones of himself and puts them on Buzz, hoping to kill him once and for all. Buzz is played by A Doctor in this movie, unlike the other mvie in which he is portrayed by Tem Allin and state-of-the-art computer animation.

In an exciting change of direction from the rest of the series, the second half of Toy Story 4 is almost entirely comprised of Woody at his desk as he attempts to complete his tax returns for the year, having put it off until the night before the last posting date! The End.

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