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Social Capital is term used to reduce human interactions to a quantifiable and expendable resource so as to facilitate indoctrination into economics and laissez faire/free trade ideology, which is the rot of the world.

Social Capital.
South African miner working for AngloGold Ashanti Limited

Hijacked Brains[edit]

People with the propensity for imbibing inane gutter trash and lengthy non sequitur emissions of feculent waste, who are convinced of their individuality and intellectual supremacy to such a degree that they evince notable traits of being indoctrinated into idiot culture by mainstream media, such as rampant indulgence of movies like Human Centipede, or more salacious forms of entertainment, like 'Barely Legal Teen Porn', and, or, 'The Adventures of Messrs Holmes and Jeremy: Their Foetid Chain of Sodomy Besmeared with Blood, Vomit, Pus, and the Mucosa of The Camel Toes of A Thousand Grand Elephants', as well as material from 9gag, 4chan, et cetera, have their thoughts so deep in the darkest Pit of the Mind, that they'll do whatever it takes to mask their IP address so as to avoid being detected for visiting sites which are depositories for the most unwholesome and reprehensible material on Earth, which they are desperate to obtain; and when they do, are transported into a state of ecstasy not unlike that of a Dog on Heat in a room full of Carrion -- with no compunction.

Remedy for Hijacked Brains[edit]

When The Fool disports himself by making merry with drink and lewdness like the archetypal knucklehead with few scruples who is the model for Human Excellence -- as depicted in Mainstream Films and Advertisements, little does he know that it is not Free Will which motivates his actions, but rather 'Implanted Design', as was pioneered by the architect of Cognitive Construction, Edward Bernays -- the father of Public Relations. Therefore, the obvious solution is to develop an inward looking approach to One's role in The World, and cultivate wisdom: an obvious first step in this approach is to realize that what is old was once new, and what is here today may be gone tomorrow, followed by autodidactic study of one's interests and a veering away from the 'Rites of Rotisserie Feasts Bespattered with Gravy from Every Sewage Outlet -- with Uncle Dad', as was made popular at the dawn of 'The Age of Jerry Springer': a trophy of success for deregulation, and amoral Free Trade philosophy. Former Prime Minister of

Bunga Bunga Party.
G-20 Bunga Bunga Chain of Sodomy -- inspired by 'The Adventures of Messrs Holmes and Jeremy'.

Italy, Silvio Berlusconi refers to these ceremonial gatherings of debauchery and defecatory sloshing as Bunga Bunga parties, which are held annually, and sometimes biannually, by the G-20 major economic powers; Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, George Bush, Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg have all attended, each disposing of their morally indestructible demeanor in preference to satiating their desire to devour every available atom, of every single morsel, of each others waste; and when every inch of malodorous matter has been consumed, they each bury their heads in each others rear to excavate more. The latter Entrepreneur being on a $1 Dollar Salary to avoid paying Income Tax, uses hidden cameras to photograph these events, and keeps a trove of images produced by these means as ransom lest his clandestine tax agreements be revealed to the public; in such a case, he will post the entire collection on his website, Facebook, to every registered user.

Depending on the degree of indoctrination into economics whereby human relationships are quantified and charted like those of cattle reared for slaughter, the efficacy of the remedy mentioned in this section varies from case to case; however such notions of reviving Innate Human Sensibility are met with scorn and contempt by those who exhibit severe symptoms of having their brain Hijacked; such, that they'll mock and deride any attempt at reviving their capacity for Free Thinking, for they unfortunately pass off what they don't understand as a something bland and uninspired so as to protect their fragile ego. This is understandable, as it is a defense mechanism built at the early stages of programming young minds: the only way for bright students to overcome being traumatized by boredom, and to resist being Lobotomised.

Examples of the Use of the Term 'Social Capital'[edit]

1. Steve: "Gee, every time I try and get assistance from my telco, I can never sort out my phone woes"

Clare: "It only matters when social capital is bartered as a resource, it matters little what occurs then after."

2. Charles: "Cornelia my dear, we have a wonderful estate, local and foreign investments, and are miserable; the kids are spoiled, and not the much happier for that. We buy them smart phones and computer games, and what ever else they want, I feel like we're doing something wrong..."

Cornelia: "Charles, what you must understand is that that kitsch humbug notion of love must be done away with so as to cultivate professional relationships with our progeny; it isn't fit for them to use any faculty of insight or contemplation lest they awaken any free thinking thoughts. You have always been social capital to me, even though you are my favorite cousin."


[1] Indoctrination and Education

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