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Reverse Polish notation is a variant of the Russian reversal techniques invented by the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War.

In reverse Polish notation, figures subtract you.

Reverse Polish notation was used in the manufacture of poor-quality calculators by oppressive Soviet-controlled Warsaw Pact régimes.

These calculators had no equal sign ('='); equality was a political concept to be kept out of the hands of the proletariat.

Cold War statistics[edit]

Think you know what's going on and can put two and two together, capitalist pigs? On a Western calculator, that would be: (2) [+] (2) [=]... simple enough, no?

The same would not be true of Warsaw Pact calculations with their Russian reversal-like approach:


There is no equality.

Well, there is, but some are more equal than others. Everyone loves Big Brother. It is touching to see how much everyone loves Big Brother.

Greetings from Warsaw, comrades!

The Warsaw Pact forces were ultimately defeated by the US-backed armies of Texas Instruments, ending the menace of reverse Poolish notation once and for all. Pooland is currently under occupation by the European Community and NATO to ensure reverse Polish notation does not rise again.

However, many L33T H4X0R2 have discovered that, in the aftermath of the TI Invasion of Poland, certain engineering were of the Pinko persuasion. By going into Properties then hitting ALPHA and typing CCCP then ENTER then clucking like a chicken, even modern TI calculators can be set to use Reverse Polish notation.

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