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Propagandhi live

For the Post Finger-Skateboard core band see Pop an ollie
For the Post-Menstrual Lez-core band see Padz-o-Ghandi
For "One of the greatest horrors to befall man kind since death itself" (Kazuo Miyagawa, cinematographer for the 1950 Japanese film Rashomon, directed by Akira Kurosawa, as quoted from Vanity Fair, September 1987) STAY RIGHT HERE.

“I thought my predilection for riding yaks was something strange and foreign, something to be scoffed at, but here it was accepted and even welcomed.”

~ Ghengis Khan on Not actually talking about Propagandhi

Propagandhi are a Post-Post-Roots-New-No-Old-Wave-Fi band from Perth, Western Australia, who make what many have described as "Fucking Shit". Taking musical cues from such great bands as The Shaggs, Loggins and Messina, Midge Ure's Ultravox, bending sheet metal, a goat dying painfully and the common household blender, they have risen to great fame and even greater anonymity with a following as large in such countries as fictitious Lapland as in their own hometown.


When a young Chris "Jesu" Hannah-Manitoba is subjected to a large amount of radiation no one except the scriptwiters and a large part of the production crew suspects the dramatic results and outcomes that would loosely form the first 13 episodes.

Special Chief of Military Radiation Studies Graham "Murdok" Doomwad is assigned to the task of capturing Chris and covering up the millitarys plans for radioactive cybo-humans. Robots swarm through a portal to the future, the world is overcome with a strange sleeping sickness. By episode 14 this major subplot has fallen to the wayside and a more target-market focused storyline concerning a local band taking it personal and making it personal in a small towns alternative rock scene during the heady days of early Post-Howardian Australia is brought to the fore.

Subplot at 33/3[edit]

How to play the Propagandhi music

When Jorge leaves for the US to pursue a career in industrial sex aid manufacturing the show takes another turn as Chris begins a sordid relationship with his Fender"Stroke-o-caster" guitar, culminating with a dramatic "High Concept Galore" episode that rated in the low 30's, earning the production team a prestigious Logie award for 'Best New Subplot in an Occupational Health and Safety Video, Call Centre Proactive Procedure Manual, Hospice Hygiene and Patient Care Pamphlet or Modern Dance interpretation of Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon' category.

In the episode concerned Chris is caught "buttering" with his guitar by Maid Wendy and the village Leechman (Played by Abraham "Stinkin" Lincoln, aka Tod "The Rod"") is called to procure immediate relief. This gets Chris in a wishy washy mood and the rest of the episode becomes a courthouse scene loosely based around Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon (Staring Bea Arthur as both the deceased Samurai and the deceased Samurai's wife). Cinematographer for the original version of Rashomon, Kazuo Miyagawa described the episode as "死以来の人の種類自 Crazy World of Arthur Brown, 体に起こる最も大きい恐怖の1つ"

Battle of the Toastsmens[edit]

In January 2012, The Propagandhi began a naked film project documenting the making of their next record, originally titled "Next Record (Naked)". During the naked recording sessions, the band undertook their final naked live performance on the rooftop of the Snapple building, naked. Most of the performance was filmed naked and later included in the film "Son of The Mask". The project was temporarily shelved after a stork flew into the studios kitchen and messed up all the pots and pans, and The Propagandhi recorded their final album, naked, "Final Album", in the summer of 2112. The completion of the song "Naked Soup" for the album on 20 August 2150 was the last time all four Propagandhis were together naked in the same studio.

Davord "Crusin' for 3 cheap hookers to have a fourgy" Bosley-Most (Long lost son resultant of the torrid on-set love affair of Happy Days' Tom Bosley and Donny Most) was asked to join "The Kraft(werk) Cheesey Mac-n-Cheese Allstar Band" and took up the offer, leaving Propagandhi forever.

Famous Mortimer announced his departure to the rest of the group on 20 September 2200, but agreed that no announcement was to be publicly made until a number of "legal matters" were resolved.

Their final new song was "New Song (Final(Naked))", recorded 3 January 2305 and released on the "Final Album" album. It was recorded without clothed King Diamond, who was in Denmark at the time, and dead (naked).

Shaft Hunters #11 - 5 Stroke Fury[edit]

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In the days after disbanding Hortens changed his name to Mama Tata, went on to become a part time ski instructor and in time progressed the strange journey that is the road to village Leechman.

Abraham Lincoln toured with Tom Baker and the Daleks on their "Buggering Europe" tour and founded the People's Temple. Abraham later changed his name to Maharba because it "sounded more anglo", although his then third wife disagreed. In fact, she was still suffering the effects of the male hormone treatment she'd been subject to since the operation. Neighbour, collaborator and drug buddy Leonor W.S. Burroughs noted in her 2001 autobiography titled "The Boy with the Horn on his Side" that Maharba had "more than tested my patience with late night shooting games" at Maharba's residence and wondered "how long would it take for the man to stop clipping his toe nails in public". Apart from these comments, this author would like to point out the extreme sickness felt at the sole mention of such an inconsistent approach to story telling by Ms Burroughs. After all, the synthesis of such a singular eloquent discourse lays in the caustic emblems of its imaginings.

Famous Mortimer never sorted out his "legal matters" and was executed gangland style by the Mara Salvatrucha.

Jorge continues to make industrial grade sex toys and co-runs the Japanese Happy Science religion with his phychic golden marmoset Dr Chuckles.

Davord went back to Vietnam to be with his parents Tom and Donny, living hand to mouth on the families rice paddy.

Megan went to her room and Ron went downstairs to the kitchen.

Excerpt from Robert Downey Jr's 2001 Drugs trial[edit]

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Your Honor, there is some outstanding discovery that needs to be exchanged between the two parties.

ORK: OK. And Mr. Brookman, this is agreeable with you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, Your Honor. For the record, though, I think the record should (UNINTELLIGIBLE) have Robert Waters (UNINTELLIGIBLE). (UNINTELLIGIBLE) are both here also.

(UNINTELLIGIBLE) knowing that it is the court's policy to (UNINTELLIGIBLE) and have been working diligently toward that end. However, as counsel for the people has remarked, we are in the process of ongoing discovery. There are a few items that have yet to be obtained through no fault of the people but through outside agencies that were a little slow in getting some evidence.

So we are pursuing the avenues of discovery, and hopefully, on that date, we will have discovery completed.

ORK: OK. And Mr. Downey, this is agreeable with you to waive -- continue to waive your right for a speedy preliminary hearing, one within 60 days, to set this matter for the EDP calendar on February the 21st of this year?


ORK: OK. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) the matter will be continued to the EDP calendar February 21st for 2001, 1:30, again in room 2-K, although (UNINTELLIGIBLE). I normally set the calendar for 2-K, my normal courtroom.

You'll continue on the bond as presently posted, and the court will find that there's some good cause as additional discovery is needed on behalf of the defense. And I take it that the additional counts are in agreement, is that correct?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (UNINTELLIGIBLE). And we have (UNINTELLIGIBLE) stipulation that's been signed by myself and Ms. Capone for the district attorney's office. I'd like to present it to the clerk at this time so the clerk (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

ORK: OK. And this is agreeable, Ms. Capone?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It is, Your Honor. We'd also ask that Mr. Downey be ordered back to appear on the 21st (UNINTELLIGIBLE) 977 waiver does not yet take effect.


Current members

  • Chris "Jesu" Hannah-manitoba - vocals, guitar (1986-present)
  • Jorge Somthing-something- drums, vocals (1986-present)
  • Todd Das Rod - bass, vocals (1997-present)
  • Davord - guitar, vocals (2006-present)
  • Other folk - Other things.