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A precog (short for precognitive) is an individual who possesses precognition as a form of extra-sensory perception. It allows them to perceive information about future places or events before they happen. Precogs are also known as psychics, seers, oracles, and harbingers.


Throughout history people have claimed to have precognitive abilities, and the "gift of prophecy" is a common feature of most religions. The defining incident in the history of precognitives came in 1865. In that year, a young Philadelphia psychic had a vision of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination. He alerted the President and miraculously prevented his death. Lincoln was so impressed and grateful that he invented a Cabinet post called Prime Oracle. This Prime Oracle's job was to predict natural and man made disasters and he ended up being so successful that the citizens of the United States soon came to trust and believe in precognition. Thus, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, assassinations - all of these things are predicted because the people affected are told weeks in advance, so those affected can make plans (in the event of a natural disaster) or prevent what's to come by changing the outcome.

Because of the Prime Oracle's influence, the President of the United States is now little more than a figurehead for the country because not even the President can question the Prime Oracle's infinite wisdom.

One in every thousand people in the US possess some sort of precognitive ability. Most of these people are recruited at a very young age and subsequently hone their skills at the National Academy For Seers in Philadelphia where these precogs are trained to perform different societal duties. Some provide medical diagnosis, some help with mineral exploration, and some work in criminology. Police are allowed and required to make preventative arrests if a crime has been predicted and then re-arrest you if you actually commit the infraction.


The precognitive sense is actually a hyper-advanced form of the ability to make predictions based on deductive reasoning and current knowledge that everyone has.


In the laws of physics, there are four known fundamental forces. The four forces are: the electromagnetic force, the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force, and gravity. The strong nuclear force holds together positively charged protons and neutral neutrons in the nuclei of atoms. The weak nuclear force controls the radioactive decay of atoms. The other two forces can operate on larger scales. Electromagnetism attracts negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons to each other, creating atoms and molecules and all matter. Gravity governs all matter, drawing it together, creating the structure of every star system and the universe.

Fifth force[edit]

There also exist a fifth force, a quantum potential force field that pervades all space. This force acts on us at all times. It acts on every particle in every atom in our bodies. And on every particle in every atom in everything else in the universe. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the universe together.

The odd effects of quantum mechanics arise because each particle is accompanied and governed by a wave in this quantum potential field. This quantum potential wave is part of a physical force field, like a gravitational field, that affects the course of particles.

This force does not decrease with distance, unlike other forces. A single quantum potential wave controls the two entangled particles, no matter how far apart they go. Measuring a property, such as the spin of one particle, instantaneously alters the shape of the wave, affecting the other particle under its control. So the quantum potential force violates both locality and independence. The quantum potential field conveys any change instantaneously over all of space because it carries information about the whole universe.

Simply put, the quantum potential field is a continuous field throughout the universe that acts instantaneously throughout the universe. It is not created by or concentrated around matter, unlike other forces. Although the quantum potential force guides particles, it is not generated by them.

Because the quantum potential force permeates all space and is not affected by distance, it in essence entangles or interconnects all particles. The universe is not a collection of objects, but a web of vibrating interconnected patterns governed by this quantum potential force. Unlike the other forces, the quantum potential has no known physical source and the quantum potential force violates locality.

Just as space and time are interconnected as part of a space-time continuum, everything is connected as part of a single continuum. The entire universe is one single, complex entity. The whole universe is enfolded in everything and each thing is enfolded in the whole; and it is the quantum potential force that controls and connects all things.

Psychic awareness[edit]

As human consciousness is one piece of the unified universe, precogs can subconsciously "see" through the seemingly chaotic physical universe to the true order and nature enfolded in the universe. On a subconscious level, they observe this order and are a part of it. They are connected to all things and are unconsciously aware of the position and velocity of every particle in the universe at any given moment, enabling their subconscious mind to accurately predict their probable interactions. In layman's terms, because precogs have information about literally everything in the universe their subconscious can logically deduce actions that are in terms of likelihood, nearly 100 percent certain to happen. This means a precog's subconscious can determine the future history of the world for days or weeks or even years to come. The precog mind can store this much information because the emergent property of human consciousness is more than the sum of neuroelectrical activity, the subconscious mind works on a quantum level as well; it extends beyond the mere organic.

Just as various things in our subconscious are picked up by our conscious mind, some predictions that are especially notable to a precog's psyche are picked up by their conscious mind and manifested in the forms of dreams or sudden visions. When we dream it's possible for us to subconciously come up with plausible predictions of the future, but but usually it's all a metaphor of your thoughts and emotions.


Although the Heisenberg uncertainty principle asserts that it is impossible to look at a sub-atomic particle and know both where it is and where it's going at the same time with exactly 100 percent accuracy, a precog's subconscious still calculates probabilities to a 99.999 percent level of likelihood. The 0.001 probability is only actualized by something that prevents the 99.999 probability as a result of the precog's interference because of their prediction. This means that unless a precog tries to prevent one of their predictions or makes others aware of it, the chances become 100 percent the prediction will happen.


Precogs are  not dream interpreters, the proof is in the observation. When you fly in a dream, you may find yourself flying slow enough to create the scenery, otherwise its all blue skies..  Or if you move your eyes to observe something in your hand, something is in your hand.....   But with Precognition, it is an exact duplicate of the future, no matter if objects were observed or not, So what is being explained here is Premonition & not precognition, which theoretically would be receiving signals from the future through subconscious alignment. This is NOT deductive reasoning, in fact it is triggered by euphoria or emotions. These are multiple states of consciousness... 1.9hz(blackscreen)epsylon  3.85hz(precognition)delta-theta   7.7175hz(clairevoyance)alpha-theta   30.8hz(chi)gamma... so the truth is in the bandwidth capabilities in the human brain, which is locked into a delta-beta operation in average minds, where others can hear signals in there subconscious that is out of range in the human ear (epsilon-gamma).. It is possible that these particles are farther apart determined on how long the dream takes to manifest into reality. The Observer has been known to be able to change there position in the point of reality & others can dream it twice & make a change.