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Mmm is an onomatopoeia. It is more extensively shared with "M-m-mmmm..."

There are two theories as to how the word "Mmm" came about. It is said that "Mmmmmmmmmm" was a latin word meaning "Porridge. "Mmmmmmmmmm" was adapted to a much simpler version of "Mmm" because the limited vocal chording.

The Many Uses of Mmm[edit]

  • Personal expression:

"M-m-mmmm" traditionally has been considered a concatenated version of "Mmm, mmm, good" and used as a reference to a serving of food, or a beverage. It is an internal, and childlike expression of pleasure. Alternative, more literary expression: "M-m-mmmm..."

Nonetheless, the significance is subtly connected with the non-verbal expression of doubt. In this expression, however, there is no connected dialectic pronunciation. The subtlety of the expression is strictly aural; any literary illustration would be overwhelming, in comparison with the intent of the expressor.

Double-meaning example:

Really yours!  Joe the Man
Santa Barbara, California

The phrase "Mmm" can be easily adapted to several different linguistic bypasses. Some of the categories are as follows:

  • Food/Beverage Related:

For example- "Mmm, these quesadillas are dee-lish." or, "Mmm, beer."

  • Temperature/Tactile Related:

Used to describe sensations not immediately akin to taste. Such as- "Mmm! This coffee is too fucking hot!" or, "Mmm, your face feels like the color 9..." In the previous case, the subject would be considered to be on E or other sensory-enhancing substances.

  • X-rated:

Only to be used when in the sex act, and by lisenced porn stars and/or douchebags. An example of which is- "Mmm, baby, your cock feels good in mah pussayyy." or, "Mmm, these quesadillas are dee-lish... in mah pussayyy."

  • Hostage situations:

Mmm can also be adapted for use under harsh circumstances, such as when you are gagged or have duct tape over your mouth. For example- "Mmm! Mmmm mmm mmmmm mmm!!! MMMMMMMM!!!!" to which the terrorist/slave master will usually reply "Shut the fuck up!!!" and slap you in the face.

  • Kenny:

The South Park character Kenny is always making muffled noises through his hood trying to talk when he is not being killed by bastards.
Kenny on fire: MMMMMMMPHHHHF!!!!
Kenny being eaten by rats: MMMMMMMPHHHHF!!!! ect..

Mmm is also a term used when brown people shoot up heroine.

Mmm Around the World[edit]

Mmm can also be adapted when travelling abroad, and peoples of other nationalities typically have a different ways of expressing "mmm". Learning to recognise these alterations is pivotal to your survival in these countries, and will prevent you from being swept into an underground slave-trade organization and pulling a horse-cart down filthy European backstreets for the rest of your life. Hang on to your passport, as well.

The French Huh-HUH is one example, meaning "I am triumphant" or "Ze silly Americans actually think we eat snails?" Q.E.D.

English knights used Mmm in passing to signal "the farmer's daughter up the road has a buy-one-get-one-free deal!" King Henry VIII coined and patented the olde-english "M-mmm!" which meant "Cut her head off", an act that he requested to often, the executioners just knew what he meant. Later on, even this contraction got tired and was reduced to a simple hand-motion.

Alternatively, Urgh meant "the farmer has a shotgun."

Mmm is often used globally in political speeches when the Teleprompter guy had too much cheap tequila and is leaning on the keyboardmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Translated into Dutch, Mmm is "Must have more chocolate." or "Too much chocolate. Get community stomach pump."

If you are looking at a woman while saying Mmm, it is universally recognized that you are a walking slap-puppet. If you are looking at a man, it is recognized that you are Senator Larry Craig.

Even at the very beginning of human existence, Mmm was used by cavemen to describe... well, damn near anything they could get their hands one. One famous example by the (late) Ug, was: "Mmmm!" which meant: "I cannot accurately describe what I see/hear/smell/taste/feel." Another was: "Mmm, mmm-mm, mm-mmmm-mm-mmm-m-mm-mmm-mmm, mm-mm-mm, mm-mmmmm-mmm-m-mmm!" which meant, of course, "Hungry."

The Mystery of the Mmm?[edit]

Over the centuries, mmmany people have long debated on the exact nummmmmmber of letters used to describe the expression of Mmm. In recent years, Cammpbell Soup has used two: "Mm mm better" while skeptics of this slogan stand strong claimmming "Mmmmmmm..." (containing seven Ms) as in "Mmmmmmm... I don't know about that one mmmultiplied by 7." This belief has also been confirmmmed by those in the process of eating a tasty snack, or enjoying pleasurable stuff like Jesus God and Mmmmmmmmmmuhammmmmmmed Allah.

The book of Genesis also mmmaintains the statement "I AM.", insinuating that God himself also used the word in a more primitive though accurate context involving only one M as a mmmeans to express himself. In a recent interview, God explains that to have used to mmmmany M's mmmmay potentially have caused a stutter to have befallen upon His children. Smart ass atheists continue to claimmm it is just another letter of the alphabet and it doesn't mmmmmmmmmmatter, mmmkay Mr. Mmmackey? Mmmmmmmmkay?!?!?!

The Mmmmmmmmmystery has plagued mmmmmmmmmmankind for mmmmmmmmillenia.

Various versions of "Mmm" have also been used by other organisms

"mm"---a idiot when trying to read the letter m "MMM" an ancient war cry earthworms used when attacking water bottles and pepsi cans. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMUA HAHAHA!!!" used by Santa Claus as an expression of joy.

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