Middle Easter

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A Day to celebrate the resurection of the Lord Suddam Hussein, second Messiah. Original date is January Second, but is to be celebrated on the first Tuesday of every year.

The Story of Middle Easter[edit]

Americans mocked Saddam Hussein by dressing him up as Santa Claus because he is not Christian, and because of the recent Christmas holidays

As was prophesized and as He Himself predicted, former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein resurrected three days after His supposed execution. At dawn on the third day, al-Maria and al-Magdalena - two female followers - came to His tomb, but found the large stone at its entrance was moved, which had taken three strong Americans to place, and the American guards incapacitated. According to the account of Hussein biographer al-Mark, they rushed inside to find Hussein's body missing, and a mysterious man in white who told them, "You are looking for Saddam Hussein, your Lord. He is not here. He has risen, and has gone ahead of you to Baghdad."

The women rushed home in amazement to tell the other Baath Party members, who at first did not believe them. "Our leader was hanged at the gallows - I saw this with my very own eyes on Youtube," said one insurgent. Another chastized the women, saying they "must not have seen the tomb clearly through the thin eye slits in their burqas."

Meanwhile, according to witness al-Luke, Saddam disguised himself and appeared to two men on the way to Tikrit. As they somberly discussed recent events and his hanging, Saddam asked them who they were talking about, "Saddam Hussein," they replied, "He was a leader, powerful in word and deed before Allah and all the people. The Americans and our rulers handed Him over to be sentenced to death, and they hanged Him; but we had hoped that He was the one who was going to redeem Iraq." Hussein then took off His disguise, and they recognized Him, overcome with joy.

The men returned at once to Baghdad and found the eleven senior Baath party officials. As they recounted the story of his resurrection, the dictator Himself appeared among them and said "Death to America!" At first the followers were frightened, but Saddam let them touch Him to prove He was truly alive.

Later, after Saddam left to get his beard trimmed, al-Thomas, who was out on an insurgent mission, returned to the hideout. The other disciples told him "We have seen the Lord Saddam." But he said to them "unless I see on His back the mark of the whips, and place my finger on the gash in His neck, I will never believe." Shortly thereafter, Saddam returned and again greeted them saying "Death to America!" He said to al-Thomas, "Put your finger here, where the infidels' rope cut my neck. Do not disbelieve, but believe." Al-Thomas answered him "My Lord and my President!"

Various sources report Saddam appeared again to many people during the next day, finally gathering them on a mountain in Anbar province. In a rousing speech, holding a rifle in his hand like in the olden days, Hussein instructed His followers to "Go forth in Jihad against the invaders, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And remember - I am with you always, until the Americans are defeated."