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“I'm still confused!”

~ George W. Bush on Layman's Terms

The concept of Layman's terms today are used to simplify complex ideas in order to explain them to the non initiated. This Article is about to investigate the origins of the Layman's term, how it evolved and how it is used today. The intrigued ways in which modern day life excels itself is a clear clarification on how the need for the use of conceptual communicative devices like layman's terms are quintessential for getting the proverbial message across to our lesser well adjusted co human.

In Layman's terms:
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The philosopher[edit]

Georgio U.u. Layman was a fairly unknown Italian philosopher. His lack of fame has been contributed often by being overshadowed by his contemporaries that worked along the same lines or in the same fields. Some, on the other hand, believe that Layman never published his works and therefore did not receive the credit that could have accompanied his work. While there are a myriad of arguments that could be made in favor of any of these reasons, they are both false. Georgio U.u Layman was indeed overshadowed by his contemporary coworkers and he also never actually published any of his works, but these are by far the least probable reasons for his lack of notoriety. The real reason Layman never took off in the top of the philosophical arts was that he was 'kind of 'special.

In Layman's terms[edit]

This dolt, Layman, they dun nut know him much, but he pretty much thought about, stuff.
Why we dun nut know the man is maybe cause other dudes did da same thing, u know.
Or that, that maybe, that he didn't write his stuff down and shit.
And now people do not know what happened there. 
But anything could have happened but they didn't.
So he is not famous because he got pwned of couldn't write.
He never got made cause he was a fucking retard,


The only claim to fame that Georgio U.u. Layman has is the fact that the concept of speaking in layman's terms was coined not by, but because of him. Because of being special, Layman had, lets say, minor difficulties with comprehending or mastering certain, lets say, things like, coherent speech, using a spoon or walking and whistling at the same time ( A skill that he continued to pursuit until his death). Layman's terms were to become the de facto standard for explaining things to absolute idiots, retards, imbeciles and other stupid assholes just in case you were unable to afford the confrontation. Within the circles of the philosophers guild a method had to be devised to explain to Layman what was being said. The code that evolved from this endeavor was coined the layman list by René Descartes who, initiated the effort of creating the list.

In Layman's terms[edit]

This layman dude has his name put in a saying.
The saying goes like this,.. Layman's terms.
It means that you say stuff simple to simple people 
about not so simple stuff.  
The other people wanted a sort of subtitles for him
so they could talk to him and he you like. talk back.
This guy with the girl name made a list of words for him.

René Descartes Layman List[edit]

The creation of this list was of special importance to Descartes not because he really wanted to have serious philosophical debates with Layman but because of the fact that Layman's existence endangered on of Descartes most famous and firm philosophical statements and believes. No great philosophical mind of that time really cared about Layman and most didn't bother to speak to him about anything. One day, just for laughs, Descartes tried to explain the concept of I think therefore I am to layman and, to his horror, came to the following possible conclusion that :

  • 1. Layman can not possibly exist.
  • 2. His concept is fundamentally flawed
  • 3. ??? (obligatory /. thing )
  • 4. profit. (Second /. think )
  • 5. Something else was very wrong with Layman.

Because Descartes could never accept that options 1 and 2 were the case, it had to be option 5, but what was so wrong with Layman that it nearly destroyed Descartes philosophy. In a mad dash to preserve his sanity, existence and club card to the philosopher's diner's club he set out on creating a translational table that could prove that layman did indeed think, be it very slowly and incoherently, and therefore did exist (though by this time Descartes felt some merit in considering the alternative not existing theory).

In Layman's terms[edit]

The dude with the chick name didn't wanna make that list.
He just had to cause of, cause of because layman was messing with him.
So he had to put up with him or get into trouble.
Because layman was stupid, u know..  Ow.
Anyway, cause of this thing that Remmee Decatra said.
That’s why he or she made the list and now could talk
to Layman.

Uses for layman's terms[edit]

Contrary to popular belief using layman's terms is not at all patronizing or condescending in any way. Using layman's term correctly is a good thing. Making stupid people understand what you are saying is equally beneficial. For instance you can get away from those idiots faster if they understand you faster, and the retard knows how to prepare your cheeseburger, what windows to clean or which sewers to crawl into when you tell them to.

The following groups of people are perfectly suitable for Layman's terms communication.

In Layman's terms[edit]

If smart peoples talks to you like you talk
And you know what they saying. 
Then you know that they do the layman's terms thing on you
And then you know that you are in that list.

Famous examples of used Layman's terms[edit]

“You know you got to whipy dipy your bummy wummy, when you have poopy doopied.”

~ Cheney on Bush going potty wotty

“ And then we drop nukie nukie on bi g bad Japany (wany), and then they go boomboom.”

~ J. Robert Oppenheimer on Truman nuking the japs

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