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Kyle XY Is a show about a young, gay boy without a belly button who sleeps in a tub. It is thought that this show may actually be based off of true events since there was a man named Joe from a small town called Joetown in PA who actually has no belly button and slept in his tub with his two dogs: ruff ruff, and dead dog, shoe shoe. It is also the technical term for the form of amnesia in which the universe forgets your past. Because the universe cannot remember your imperfections, it thinks of you as a perfectly virtuous prodigy in everything that you do. People fall for Kyle for some strange reason, who the hell would fall for a dumbass freak??? Amanda, Jessie, Hilary. If you've ever wanted to be a superhuman, this is what you're hoping for. It does, however, have the side effects described below.

Side effects[edit]

Universal panicking, prevention of[edit]

Because the universe believes you have no past, if you appear to know something without pretending to have learned it within three seconds, the universe will panic and question everything it knows. This is generally believed to lead to bad special effects.

Mysterious corporation that created you and others[edit]

Because the universe can't quite bring itself to believe that you've appeared ex nihilo, it creates a side plot in which a corporation has a classified project that led to the creation of the superhuman you. This leads to the unfortunate side effect of detectives hired by the corporation following you around. This is good news for this show's main character, however, who enjoys being poked in the rear end by strangers.

Sandal-wearing, granola-eating activists[edit]

Because a corporation has created something unnatural and disgusting (i.e., you), the universe reasons that there must be activists fighting to expose their unethical actions. So, of course, they pop into existence.

Sour Patch Kid's[edit]

you put it on your cereal.

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