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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for IMac (computer)?

"IMAC" stands for Internet Macintosh and clicks on the hockey puck mouse, one of the most feared hackers computer in the world, due to it's membership consisting only of evils. Through ingenious deceit, violence, and bribery, IMAC wreaks havoc across Earth daily. Secrecy and utmost discipline keeps IMAC members from giving away any of their top secret plans to the oblivious public, though its iron grip can be felt by all.

The founder of IMAC is unknown, but speculation suggests that the King of the Internet had a hand in its creation. Other rumors suggest that Oprah Winfrey or Adolf Hitler are responsible, but both characters are the subject of intense scrutiny by the public, so it is unlikely that they would have both the time and the alibi to undertake such a devious coalition.

The main goal of IMAC is to conquer the world, as so many aspiring mad scientists and evil dictators have tried to achieve in the past. The difference between IMAC and these assorted characters is that IMAC is actually succeeding. Their plain is to unnoticeably attain all the world's secret and use it to crush the governments of the world.

However, the process of obtaining highly sensitive information without notice seems almost impossible. The perpetrator would have to be less than invisible, for he could not risk any suspicion. The perpetrator must transparently guide his victims and goad them into trusting him.

Thus, IMAC has created computers that, despite looking cool, actually send the user's data directly to various locations around the world, where the received packets are dissected and examined. By creating a forefront company by the name of Apple, these computers, called iMacs, sell resonably well in the global market. The product line name simultanteously mocks the world for its inability to realize the obvious, as well as reflectin the fact that, like Macintosh apples, the computers' insides are edible. The explanation for this is that, if the user should decide to actually take apart his computer (which, to this day, has never been done, due to the prospect of voiding the warranty), the critical parts will be melted by a mechinism in the computer before the truth can be discovered.

One of IMAC's keys to success lies in the members themselves, who are all mimes. Naturally, one could torture a mime longer than the time it takes to find the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop and not learn anything, except that torturing mimes is an extremely enjoyable activity. As such, most of what is known about IMAC is speculation, observation, or just plain made up.