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Uncyclopedia's Facebook page is the latest effort by Uncyclopedia to further ruin its reputation across the internets. Many are under the impression that the Uncyc Facebook page has only one admin and, therefore, that this said person is schizophrenic due to the admin seemingly addressing and having conversations with himself on the page. This is simply not true. The Uncyclopedia Facebook has multiple admins who are all schizophrenic in their own right. There is, however, a bit of difficulty in distinguishing who is posting as an admin. This article will tell you how to tell who is posting as an admin on the Uncyc Facebook page.

Is it Olipro?

Note the British misspelling of "favour".

It is fairly easy to tell when Olipro is posting on the Facebook page due to his British misspellings and excessive uses of the words "cunt", "cuntwhore", and "cuntbitch". In the rare instances when it is still difficult to ascertain if it's Olipro or not, one can always render a pretty damn good guess if the admin's response to every comment is rude and insulting. This, however, can always be confused with Dexter, so a bit of context is needed to differentiate what Olipro is an asshat about and what Dexter is an asshat about. The general rule of thumb is that Olipro is an asshat about everything, whereas Dexter is an asshat about everything that doesn't appear to have been written by a vagina or by somebody who might know somebody who has a vagina.

Is it Dexter?

Dexter's lack of rapier wit is redeemed by his ability to be a raging douchebag. Rarely is he not telling dissenters and whiners to fuck off (essentially using the FB group to troll posters). One can always deduce, with 100% certainty, that the admin post or comment was by Dexter if it was an unsuccessful and crude attempt to hit on the few female fans we have. The typical female response is generally warming since most people will attribute some level of authority to the admin posts and because the Goddess of Uncyclopedia, Sophia, is just so damn sexy. In truth, if Dexter were to post on our FB page as himself, he would be facing additional charges of sexual harassment to compound the ones which are currently pending.

Is it EMC?

Despite being the original FB group creator, EMC has done his damnedest to completely fuck everything up on that page beyond repair. At first glance, it would seem that EMC's posts are constructive and site-oriented, as he regularly posts about Uncyc projects and goings-on. This is all fine and dandy until you realize that EMC only posts about Uncyc business if he is directly involved in some way or has created it, meaning he is a pompous, egotistical dickhead who deserves to be shot.

EMC, referencing his redirecting of our page on Pakistan to our page on 404.

EMC's comments as FB admin are also misleading. If you doubt the authenticity of a certain claim made, it's probably because it's not fucking true. Which would mean EMC posted it. EMC will regularly post lies about having Listerine hangovers, being at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, and getting laid, none of which ever happened.

Is it Fredd?

If the comments end with "-Fredd" or some signature variation thereof, then it's this dirty Egyptian here. Fredd is funny to everyone 60% of the time and funny to himself 100% of the time. In the rare instances that Fredd does not sign his own signature it may be difficult to tell who the admin was. There is one tricky method of telling whether or not it may be Fredd, and it is as follows: if, when you read the admin post or comment, you imagine the admin who posted it is laughing hysterically behind their computer screen at their own comedic genius, then it is Fredd.

Spang's response to a lengthy question.

Is it Spang?


Is it Colin?

Probably not, since Colin's internets are full of fail. It can be exceptionally difficult to determine whether or not Colin has posted due to his irregular posting habits. It may be Colin if the admin post contains any of the following:

  1. Internet memes
  2. References to dicks
  3. Ebonics (despite Colin being white)
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!!!

Is it Codeine?

Codeine doesn't even know what the fuck Facebook or Uncyclopedia are.

Do you care?

Because no one else fucking does.

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