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Yes, that one company.

Hello, have you ever heard of the film production company called Happy Madison? Sure you have, I know you have. Remember that film you watched when you 7 or 8 called Big Daddy? No, not that porno you found in your daddy's secret box. The one with Adam Sandler and that little kid? No, not that porno either.

Yes! That wacky one, where Adam and the kid peed on the wall, and where the kid ate all those ketchup packets. It was funny wasn't it? Well, it got pretty popular, and Adam got a lot of fame for that. Well you could get that fame, and tell you how to do it right now in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Make your story[edit]

First, you need to make a good story that would appeal to a general audience. You have to make it wacky, dirty, and somehow pull it off as "loveable". Something where the main character obtains unrealistic success at the end. You should watch an episode of Family Guy or see Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure to get some good ideas to steal, I mean "stem off".

If you can't come up with an idea, let me give you one to work off.

OK, so there is this low-life hobo named Bob, and he wants to become president. Getting there isn't an easy journey though, he must undergo many challenges, such as gaining a good reputation to the idiot warped country Bob lives in. Not to worry, he has many random friends to support him on his way there. Such as Megan Fox, his bigoted, but good-hearted friend, and a charming chimpanzee. Can he become president? No way in hell, but he will anyway! Lets see how it all works out.

Did that help? Hope so.

Let's move on to the next step.

Step 2: Gathering your cast[edit]

This guy will do perfectly as the retarded guy

Second, you need a cast of good friends to play the roles in your story! It can't be anyone you think is suited for the position! I'll tell you what kind of people you need for your film.

You need these following types of people:

  • A loveable fat guy.
  • A hot girl with big breasts.
  • A retarded man
  • An enemy, a person who is better than you at everything you do.
  • A retarded man.
  • A friendly, oblivious, senile old man.
  • Rob Schneider.
  • A friendly, oblivious, senile old woman.
  • Lastly, you! You have be a fun, above-the-law, overly-fortunate idiot who can do what ever wants to do.

So since you have all the people you need, let's move on.

Step 3: Location[edit]

Now you need a setting, a place, somewhere that your films starts off in, and ends in. It could be anywhere from your grandmothers vagina to the Playboy Mansion! If I were you, I would start it off in a big city, like New York or Miami.

A good place to start off your characters location, such as where he lives would be on the streets or in your divorced father's shitty apartment! You need some place that looks like crap, total stupid utter crap. Then, you would have to end of the film in some place overly expensive and unrealistic to the characters shitty background. Such as an expensive casino or the White House!

Step 4: Other requirements[edit]

It's not over yet, its recommended you follow these or there are good chances your film won't be as successful as you wanted it to be.

  • Budget: Around 20,000,000 wasted dollars.
  • Running time: 90 minutes maximum.
  • Rating: PG-13 only. Try to keep it as dirty as you can without getting to an "R" rating.

Also, try to piss off as much movie critics as you can with it.

Step 5: Film, publish, and release to the public![edit]

Here is a good example.

All you need to do now, is film with a high quality camera and have good movie editing software. All of this is not that important enough as the cover for the move is. You need a good, funny looking cover with familiar faces, that way you will get more sales.

Hope this all worked out for you, and I hope you get a lot of undeserved, easy success. Good luck!

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