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Breathtaking scenery views

Welcome to the Highway to Hell, located 666 billion miles south of the Stairway to Heaven. Now you probably expect that such a road with a title such as the "highway to hell" would be somewhat, hot and hellish, but in 2007 the team of Top Gear bought 3 shitty little vehicles for under 200 pounds/600 bucks, and road tested just how bad the highway was by seeing just how long it would take for them dressed as black people to be pulled over for speeding, as well they had Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters to test out if the Highway To Hell was THE most dangerous stretch of highway in the world, and the end results where, negative.

The Highway To Hell is much like the new New York now, it may have once had a bad reputation back in the 20th century, but since the Sept 11 attacks, the Highway To Hell has become one of the friendliest roads to drive on, with many beautiful and wonderful sights to see along the way. It's become so good in fact, that it's now become the #1 choice for all participants venturing down into the mysterious fire and brimstone underworld known as "hell".

Ridin' Down the Highway[edit]

Picking up hitchhikers is not something we recommend, but if you feel you need to bring a Sabbath Bloody Sabbath to hell with you, then it's your choice.

In the beginning, back in 1979, man didn't know about the rock n' roll shows, least not the ones that go to heaven. The white man had the smokes, the black man had the blues, but no-one knew just how cool it was to see Elvis & Jim Morrison perform as a duo. So these guys said let there be pavement, and there was pavement, let there be lights, and there were lights, let there be 6 way lanes in and out, and there were 6 lanes in and out.

For many people, their ideal get-away destination might be luxurious resorts on small tropical islands where the drinks are served in coconuts and the women wear mother nature as a form of clothing, so it's no surprise that "Hell" itself is not one of the top 50 must-see places before you die, but what is becoming quite the attraction, is the highway getting there. The Highway To Hell was built in 1979 by Ronald Belford Scott with the aid of his assistants, Young & Young who paved the way of the Highway when they heard a rumor that Hell actually wasn't that bad of a place to be. Whilst they where riding down the highway, going to a show, they stopped off the by-way, while playing some rock & roll. They may have been stoned at the time, and it sounded a lot harder then it looked, but eventually they completed the Highway To Hell within 6 months and it was officially opened by Pope John Paul II and declared the first 6 way highway into the eternal fiery damnation of Hell. This was great news concerning the recent malfunctions with the elevators and never-ending pits that where costing an arm and a leg to Satan from new visitors being seriously injured on arrival.

Bumpy Ride[edit]

One of the gas station clerks you can find along the highway.

The Highway soon ran into trouble when more and more traffic began to flow to check out the world's first highway with a speed limit of 666 miles per hour. So of course, every redneck and wog wanted to test how fast their automobile could go. This only led to major accidents, delays in traffic, and the need to reduce the speed limit down to 566 miles per hour, which really damaged tourism. Over the next 20 years the road became a hellacious 666,666 miles of misery. Property values on the off- roads of the highway dropped, slower vehicles diverted onto the narrower Devil Gate Drive and the neighborhoods filled with riff-raff, scum, property developers and social workers.

The crime rate increased to the point where councils resigned, service stations closed and martial law was declared to help control the rioting of the streets, this only lead people to drive faster and faster on the highway to avoid these trouble spots. The Highway also began to deteriorate... you couldn't drive more than 2 miles without finding a pothole in the road. With the state of the Highway becoming unacceptable, tourism to Hell plummeted so severely that the Catholic church condemned the highway as being as bad to drive on as the streets of Detroit & New York combined.

It wasn't until September 11th, 2002 when the world changed and the crime stopped along the 666,666 miles of interstate, that Hell commissioned a new council leader to raise funds to help restore the road to it's former glory and show the above world that down in Hell, vacations could still be worthwhile.

I Get My Kicks, On Route, 666[edit]

Bill Cosby takes the route every year!

An old stretch of Highway in America somewhere used to be called route 66, but seeing as how it had been closed down for so many years, the Highway To Hell would re-launch it's self after 18 months of reconstruction, lead by councilmen Adolph Oliver Bush, who changed his name from Adolph Hitler as he was now a converted Jehovah Witness, the road is now more beautiful then ever, with glorious blazing crucifixions, little red midgets with pitchforks running over 21,000 gas stations along the highway, and even a Wet & Wild theme park to stop off on, on the way.

To Hell & Back[edit]

We're fucked if we know what this is supposed to be.

Through Hell, Fire & Brimstone, the highway has arisen like a Phoenix from the ashes! But much to people's ignorance, it is much the same story as those who have just been around so long and heard the same old stories that are no longer true to be what their main belief and experiences are. It's much like those that where around before 1985 that still have no idea that the Titanic has been found, to them, it is still a ship that mysteriously vanished without a trace. The same case is with the Highway To Hell, those that remember the days of it being as bad as New York used to be, have difficulty in accepting that the Highway To Hell is now the safest and most effective way to venture into the land of eternal damnation.

Now days along the main stretch of the highway, you can find 5 star restaurants, exotic cruise liners, ring of fire circus shows, the Harlem Globetrotters and Walmarts. Everything the everyday typical family needs. But thats not all, their is also arts & craft festivals, brimstone wall climbing, car boot sales, and just recently over 75 brand new McDonalds venues have opened up... now you maybe thinking, "I can see that anywhere"... but, can you name a road that is 666,666 miles long, and does not feature one single Starbucks coffee house? Now, if that doesn't convince you to take a trip down the Highway To Hell, then nothing will.

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