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“Hallo friend! Do you wish to be as happy as me? Then wear Forbes' Unsoluble Dry Plates!!!11OneOne”
~ Oscar Wilde on Ha ha Quaker

The Ha ha Quaker viewing this page.

The ha-ha Quaker, himself a robot parody upon the Whig party's Anti-Dental Referrendum which failed in the Congressional meetings of the 1840s, arrived early on the interweb in the year 2005 from the demon-infested planet of Mars, where he had been exiled during a failed 1960s coup d'etat in Bulgaria, in order to spread peace, love and extremely sturdy dental wear to the unhappy people of the internest by converting l33t haxors, trolls, spammers, manga ann hentai addicts, amateur pornographers, and libertarians to functional members of society by means of camping, rocket-jumping and $p34|{ 1n £337.


Special Abilities[edit]

  • Falling into lava.
  • Exploding into gibs
  • Arriving at a party with a backpack full of realistic mock-ups of the Quake-guy's weapons, and like he totally sat down next to the pool and the weight of the backpack made him fall in and he like sank like a rock and drowned and no-one could save him because he was too heavy, on account of all the nail-guns and shotguns and rocket-launchers he had in his backpack like I said before and it's true because I read it on this guy's blog and I saw this picture of a guy at the bottom of a pool - it was totally not photoshopped because I zoomed in and saw this guy reflected in the guy's visors, he was like completely naked and must have forgotten he might get reflected in the picture and everyone on the internet would see his...!!!!111!!11OneOne!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!eleventyone!!!@!

Favourite Sayings[edit]

  • HA! HA! I am currently browsing the internet!
  • HA! HA! It's Chinatown!
  • HAW! HAW!
  • HA! HA! It's a trap!
  • HA! HA! I'm using the internets !!1!
  • HA! HA! (Anything) !!1!Eleventy!!
  • HA! HA! My balls are on your chin!!
  • OHH! OHH! That's the spot baby!!11!

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