George Bush: chronicle of greatness

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After his selection for the Presidency in the epochal year 2000 AD, George "Dubya" Bush and a close group of trusted neoconservative advisors took control of the Executive Branch of the US Government. In the same year, a Republican majority spearheaded by neoconservative and conservative-Christian leaders took control of the Legislative Branch. And there was a solid conservative contingent in the Judicial Branch.

It was an historic moment...for this great administration would reveal its ideology, its philosophy, and its basic competency more clearly than any had before.

There is simply too much material in this treasure-trove of governmental magnificence for one article. Therefore a series has been created, an ongoing compendium of the magnificent achievements, initiatives, goals, and consequences of the glorious Bush administration's unmistakably regal reign over America.

Annotated List of General Articles[edit]

  • NeoContract with America -- A precís of the Bush Administration's philosophy of government as regards fiscal policy, accountability to the people, and energy policy. Also touches on historical precedents, and the role of the Republican Party.
  • NSA fisting -- An in-depth look at the procedures authorized by the Bush Administration for domestic surveillance of Americans.
  • Operation Enduring Truth -- A report on the success of the campaign to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese Iraqis through use of paid propaganda.
  • Search and Seizure -- An analysis of the administration's authorization of extra-judicial surveillance measures to be used against American citizens.

Articles on Notable Bush Administration Personnel[edit]

  • Dick "Head" Cheney -- Among the most determined draft dodgers of the Vietnam era, Mr. Cheney is now President of Vice and a major proponent of sending US boys to fight wars like the one he dodged.
  • Donald "Dominator" Rumsfeld -- A major player in the ongoing administration struggle to define the Bush administration's methods for torturing captives, the man is aptly nicknamed "Little Bitch". He also fists himself daily, sometimes hourly.
  • "Cooter" Libby -- Affectionately known as "The Muddy Brown Pucker", Mr. Libby is the current fall-guy for the administration's campaign to betray certain CIA operatives in revenge for opposition to their views.
  • Paul Wolfowitz -- Among the most hawkish of the draft-dodgers in the administration, Mr. Wolfowitz is also renowned for his uncanny ability to be completely wrong about everything and still be taken seriously as a leader.