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Don't go in there!!! You will never be the same...

Most of your problems can be traced back to the post-modern Chinese water torture commonly known as middle school. Most of the time you go through awkward puberty, having some gigantic zit that you can never get rid of. You spend half the day on the can. You get pissed right off when you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend that you have known for 3 days. You start to think you are the coolest person in the world even though braces caused you utter pain every day.

You made collages out of magazines, girls wanted bras really bad and boys tried to steal condoms. Let's just face it. Life sucked.

The Lessons

You are dying a long and terrible death you idiot.

For some stupid reason we still can not understand, classes are now split up into different classrooms. Yes, no longer do you have just one teacher or two to teach you everything you need to know. You now have six to seven classes you are unfortunately responsible for attending everyday. Depending on your social standing, this can either be a simple task or hell on earth in the hallways.

The Bathrooms

Commonly an ignorable place to empty your bladder, middle school bathrooms are hot beds of rebellious "teen" education. Whether it's Chris showing everyone the bag of pot he found in his brother's room, or Laura puking up her lunch in a pathetic attempt to gain attention for her eating disorder, the middle school bathroom is where it all goes down.

Boys will soon find out how some people don't aim correctly. (Not to mention some of those same people forget to flush the toilet when they are done using it.) Seriously, no one wants to see your Five Dollar Footlongs, so start flushing the god damn toilet!!

For girls, the mirrors take quite a beating, and it's cheaper than therapy about how your mom hates you and your dad calls you a slut. Plus you can have someone hold your hair when you eagerly change dramatically from a carnivore to a "vegan" after looking at a People magazine.


If you survived elementary school math, prepare for middle school math. This is what separates the smart kids from the dumb kids. No longer are you taught simple stuff like adding, multiplying, dividing, and subtracting. You are now taught complex formulas and concepts like dividing and multiplying fractions, changing fractions to decimals, and maybe some algebra if you are lucky enough to survive past all that frustrating crap. Oh and guess what? If you don't drop out of middle school and make it to your freshman year of high school...You get even more of this torture Fun right?


Among the most important lessons learned in middle school is that of colorful language. Traditionally, boring old English is taught before middle school, but this is sought to be remedied as soon as the new students discover the internet.

After all, omfg gramr z 4 fuckin n00bs! lolz! ;D

A meth la....err that's your typical classroom
All pedofiles come to school dances!

History Learning how the world sucks and everyone is greedy is FUN! Rumor has it that history can stop us from making stupid mistakes. Really? Tell that to your classmate who keeps getting sent to the office for behavior problems.


Quite possibly the most boring class next to math class. Secretly run by the Church of Scientology, Science class is designed to brainwash America's youth into becoming members of Scientology, but so far is thankfully not working as no one ever takes it seriously.

Gym Class

Sports can help you lose weight and teach you that winning is everything. One popular misconception is that you have to shower with your teammates. This is false because only gay people do that. Basically it's the same gym class from elementary school except it's only pain and suffering from here on out. The girls sit in the bleachers and gossip about Justin Beiber while the boys are put through pain in the form of dodgeball, football, b-ball, etc.


A class filled with embarrassed giggles at the mention of the words: Period, Penis, Vagina, Breasts, or Ejaculation. To make sure abstinence is always followed through, the children are forced to watch either a video of a woman giving birth or a slide show of the worst venereal infections that the teachers can find. The girls fall to the floor in mental anguish and pain. The boys have nightmares of castration.

All of this usually results in either temporary paralysis or the life-long dream to get laid. Then they go home and learn about sex from watching porn.

The Stereotypes

You WERE (whether you like it or not) one of these people:

They are oddly perfect...genetically enhanced teenagers.

The Popular Chick

They rule the school but everyone hates you cuz you're a bitch. You wear tight, low cut shirts and drainpipe jeans. You will lose your virginity in a month to some twenty year old guy who promised you to be number one on his friends list. You are a cheerleader and take school spirit too seriously. You're a picky eater and date only jocks despite the fact that you don't even get close enough to remotely hug each other. You say "like" way too much. You swap boyfriends with your friends every few days. You are too daft to realize middle aged men including the janitor pretending to clean up near your table are staring at you. You are going to be a soccer mom and be bored until you have an affair. You are usually followed around by a pack of your "friends" and you all put on an act for the rest of the school, pretending that you "love each other like sistersss" but actually genuinely fear and hate each other.


The Jock

You are popular but can't read or write. You wear polos and constantly "pop your collar." Sometimes you feel the need to layer the polos and pop all the collars at once. You're on the football team and think you're all that. You talk about sex too much to get attention, but have no idea what you are talking about. I mean, a girl blows when she gives a blow job, right? You get nerds to research it for you. You curse too often when you can't think of a word that really fits. If you ever actually get laid, it will be the happiest 5 or 10 seconds of your life. You go on Facebook and put class of 2025 when you graduate from college. You live in Nashville and don't know what Tennessee is. You upset all of your girlfriends by yelling at them. You are as confused as a man in Harlem on father's day. You don't have to worry about marriage or kids. It will never happen! All the popular chicks are going to go to the sensitive guys in the end.

The OK Kids

The popular kids call these young teens "okay" because they don't cause problems and "aren't that bad." The OK kids don't care that the popular kids went through puberty much quicker, making them realize you don't have to be cool to be popular, you just need a sweet pair of boobs (if you are a girl) or talk about sex a lot (If you are a guy). The girls dress in jeans or skirts with t-shirts and don't flash random people. The guys always carry around a skateboard and have scabbed elbows from always falling off them, but they're smart enough to have an okay conversation with their older siblings high school friends. They daydream of driving a car and a permit. They are probably the only normal kids in school and will finally break free from their public school career to be awesome college students. They also have normal families, and most of them have siblings, since their parents liked them enough to decide to have more kids. Just kidding. People like this don't exist. Well, they do. But you can only encounter them in..... The Twilight Zone.


The Emo Kid

Short for "emotive hardcore." You of the emos have your own genre of music, fashion, argot and other trappings in a futile attempt to prove their uniqueness. You take irritatingly similar pictures with similar faces, often including peace signs. You post pictures on Instagram with song lyrics to a song nobody's heard before. Sometimes you are sad one minute and pissed off the next, most probably due to the useless bullshit you are constantly thinking about. Stop it. Actually take that knife and do it. Either that or shut the hell up.

wannabes are sometimes confused with clowns with their style of dress!


Since most kids enter puberty around Middle School, their way of thinking starts to change. They start thinking if they don't do drugs, alcohol, pot, or have sex, no one will like them. Truth be told, All you have to do is be your own person And you will be just fine. HA! Who are you kidding?! You won't get anywhere in life if you don't at least lose your virginity.

You often have no friends or self-esteem and you often hang around the "cool kids" because you think that you actually have a shot at being popular. You don't follow the fundamental logic that one or two friends are better than none. So you try to become popular and fail in the process. You laugh half-heartedly at the pranks and jokes that "popular" kids play on the "losers", but often are completely oblivious to the fact that the real joke is on...ahem...YOU. You stand right next to the table of the important people at the cafeteria even though they aren't your friends. You try to dance with them at the school dance but you are outside the circle. You read teen magazines to figure out what on earth they are saying. BUT You finally get popular when you start dressing like them.

Fo shizzle!!

The Religious

OMG! God loves you! You can't stop loving your religion. If you are not allowed to do something religious at your school, you shove it in peoples' faces. You wear youth group t-shirts all the time, YOLO shirts, and shirts that say motivational things, and carry around a bible. If you had a MySpace, it would be full of bible quotes. You mostly hang with your friend at your church/temple youth groups. Not anyone at middle school. If anyone fails to meet your religious requirements, you preach your beliefs and try to guilt-trip the victim into attending church with you.

The Militant Atheist

You're out on your own personal atheistic crusade. You love atheism and only read atheistic books. You hate religious people and have a pathological need to convince everyone that God isn't real. You probably think that you're the most logical person in the world and that you have everything right, even though you don't even understand half the science concept you claim to believe in (but ironically enough, you understand religion more (We're sorry: the previous parenthesis was written by a Militant Atheist)). At the end of the day, you just end up irritating everyone. Well, maybe less than Mormons.

The Loner

You're the guy/girl without any social skills. You can't wait to go home where you can sit in front of a screen and not have to interact with anyone. Home is your heaven. People occasionally make fun of you, but you try and act like you didn't hear it.


The Geek / The Gamer

You love computers, video games, and Terry Pratchett. You can quote any Monty Python skit at will. You have either glasses or braces and everyone teases you. The only thing that differentiates you from a nerd is you don't know C++, but that's okay 'cause you'll have a serious girlfriend before the "popular people."

The Nerd

Your voice squeaks every time you use your vocal chords and you advance through puberty very slowly. You sit with the other nerds and play chess. You can often be spotted at a distance due to your pizza face. You read every Star Wars book, write "fanfics" about it, and day dream about Princess Leia. You will become the next Bill Gates after reading all those gigantic "how to" computer books. You already built the next generation of a computer. An inhaler is in your pocket. You edit Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia. (if you're reading this now, there's a 99.9 precent chance that you are one) You read WikiAfterDark to get sex tips. You carry your graphing calculator with you at all times, safe and snug in its zippered case with your full name embroidered across the front. You also carry a large stack of books to every class, but you'll only use one or two in the course of a day.

That Freak

You hate those popular chicks. You way much hate the wannabe. You hate Disney Channel but sometimes watch it. You can't follow that confusing fashion and just acting like you're standing in the middle of a railway and a train is chasing after you. You're not a nerd. You're make tons of jokes of those chicks and wannabe, or the teacher (it might be funny or not).

The Idiot

You read and read but you never get it....

You're white and you think everyone in the world is an idiot. You brush your elvis-hair during all your classes to look classy. You sit alone in the corner in the Boy's Locker Room because you have no one to talk to. When the adults aren't looking, people throw pencils at you. Did I mention your'e white? Even Nerds pick on you to make them feel better.

The Floater

You're not a "SPECIAL" student - you get Cs, Bs, and maybe a F, but you're not part of any group. You have some enemies and your "friends" or semi-friends are part of different groups, so what you do is "float" around these different groups talking to them (but really no one likes you, so no one cares.)


You wear crocs with knee socks and knee shorts. You wear shirts that are against the dress code. You make annoying noises and whenever someone makes fun of you, you just give them the puppy dog eyes. You are smart in school subjects, but only because your mom makes you.

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