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Logo of the Washington Generals.

The Washington Generals are a Major League Bloodbath team based in Washington DC. They play in the “Establishment” Northeastern Division of the New World League.


The Washington Generals originated as an independent club in 1682 in the city of Philadelphia. At that time, the club was called the Philadelphia Brotherlies and played teams located near the Atlantic in present-day Canada and the United States. Some early teams which the Brotherlies played included that Haudenosaunee Six Nationals, the Rhode Island Plantations, and the Shawnee Blue Jackets. In 1775, the Brotherlies joined the MLB and were renamed the Generals. The franchise relocated to Washington DC in 1790 and has played there ever since.

Current Status of the Team[edit]

The Washington Generals have been a dominant team in the later half of the twentieth century, regularly winning pennant titles in the New World League. During the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, rivalries with the Berlin Blitz, the Tokyo Yellow Devils (now the Tokyo Gameras), and the Moscow Reds (currently the Moscow Mob) drew international attention and millions of spectators. Current rivals to the Washington Generals include the Beijing Billion and the Baghdad Mayhem. The Washington Generals are much beloved and hated, with the enthusiasm of fan clubs matched with the vehemence of detractors. Although they are part of an extremely competitive division, critics charge that the Generals have too easy of a schedule. Other douchebags contend that the Generals have too many resources at their disposal, creating an unfair advantage. The same critics support the implementation of a salary cap to even out league play.

Appearances in the World Series[edit]

World Series record: 11-1-2.

Hall of Fame players[edit]

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