Waking Life

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Warning: The following article was written by a Mysteriously intense guy on the street.

"Am I dreaming or does this movie make no sense whatsoever? I mean, Vanilla Sky and Eternal Sunshine I could take, but this is a bit much. And where were all the naked men in chaps? What kind of a dream is this? Lucid my ass." Evidently Oscar was disappointed.

“Illusion is the first of all pleasures. Nocturnal emissions are the second.”

~ Oscar Wilde on lucid dreaming

Waking Life is not truly a movie, in the natural sense of the esoteric void that is our minor place in the impermeable being that is the cosmos. In fact, nothing can truly be a movie, nothing can feel like a movie, smell like a movie, act like a movie without truly being a figment of your already imaginary overactive mind. As Hobbes once said, "If people could put rainbows in zoos, they would." Likewise and edgewise, in fact, any wise you so desire, Waking Life cannot be. It simply is.

But What Is It?[edit]

Naturally, we as humans have become focused on entertainment. In fact, the last civilization to become so very focused on entertainment was the Roman Empire, which collapsed so beautifully and completely and without ever pausing for breath, ever breathing and off the top of our heads we can truly see that it is entertainment that guides our society and it shall lead to our demise.

Granting this, what happens when entertainment is masked as something intellectual, something special, something that can be enjoyed by those who are not mindless drones, toiling for our landed gentry always.

It is, however, entertainment still, entertainment yet, and this entertainment must converge into one large soul-force that cannot be taken down, cannot be bound by any one decree or union.

This Is All So Very Confusing[edit]

Fans are unsure of why the scene in which Pee-Wee Herman discusses existentialism with that guy who can turn into a cloud through the power of creepy staring was omitted from the theatrical version, but it may have had something to do with the immortal line, "I pity the fool who don't eat their Sartre."

After all, this is simply a dream, a dream from which there is no awakening, but is this not true of the entire human race, of our entire species, our entire history? It is, it was, it shall be forever. However, how can there be forever. You just read the last sentence, or did you? Can you remember? How do you know that it existed outside of your memory, outside of your dream, outside of your "reality" known as the present which is ever fleeting, ever changing, and never stopping for breath?

This is what it is all about, this is what can and will be, this entertainment which drives us all onward, which shall be our downfall, here we are the precarious plebians lapping up entertainment with a sporked ladle, never stopping to wonder what else there is to life because everything else is a form of entertainment, and nothing else has a purpose.

I Still Don't Understand What You're Talking About[edit]

Wake up? Can you? Will you? Dare you?

Dare you see the impossibilities for possibilities? Or will you drift into the dark sunlight of the ages, never to be seen or heard of again, except by the parts of your own mind, your own collective conscious which you may share with others but simply because you are the others, they are all part of your one big dream, big fantasy world, in which you are you but you are them as well.

Freud claimed that you are each and every character in your dream, so how do you know if you are not each and every character in your day to day life, in this one big dream that you claim to be living, but is truly just a large fantasy realm which never stops to take a breath.

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